Obama Promotes Genocide at Holocaust Museum

Yesterday, Barack Obama spoke at the US Holocaust Museum in Washington DC.  Question:  When did the US holocaust occur?  What is that you say?  You mean this museum has nothing to do with any holocaust in the US?  As I have put forth many times, the US is not Israel.  Israel is not the United States, but the fact that 1.7% of our population, the Jews, wields inordinate power within our government cannot be denied.

It has been 67 years since the so called holocaust, which supposedly represents the death of 6 million, and in that time and since we have seen 55 million killed in the Soviet Union under Stalin, and 100 million under Mao Ze Dong in China.  So where are their holocaust museums?  Oh, that’s right, only Jews are considered people so only their deaths count.

Speaking of Jews, they have slaughtered at least a couple of million Palestinian men, women, and children in capturing Palestine and they are at present running the largest concentration camp to ever exist.  We know it as the Gaza Strip.

So this is the example Obama wants to use for a campaign against genocide, which in reality is a campaign for further Zionist genocide in the Middle East.  Obama said we saved thousands of lives in Libya.  Does this man think us ignorant?

We bombed Libya into the third world, killing innocent men, women, and children by the tens of thousands in the process, including Gaddafi’s grandchildren, and this act had nothing to do with saving lives but rather with accommodating an Al Qaeda takeover of that government for the purpose of maintaining the dollar as the currency their oil would be traded in, and of course the seizure of their gold.

This propaganda piece was designed to keep the issue of US military intervention in Syria and Iran on the front burner, and nothing more.

I would like to send you a message, President Obama.  Please stop using the term “we” when announcing your plans for further genocidal slaughter in the Middle East.  You see, when you use the term “we”, you are implicating me and a majority of Americans, who oppose the Israeli Zionist conquest of the Middle East for the capture of its wealth.

We want Ron Paul as our president.  We want the dual citizen Israeli Americans removed from our government.  We want our Republic back so that we can reestablish our country as the peace loving nation it was meant to be.

God help us to stop the Zionists from slaughtering any more innocents in this world.

5 thoughts on “Obama Promotes Genocide at Holocaust Museum

  1. If you apply for a disability claim from an insurance company or, especially, the government, you have to PROVE you have been injured, REPEATEDLY. The insurance companies and government do not just “take your word for it” and never question you again. When Israel began USING the Holocaust for Political Leverage and Monetary Reparations, Israel itself opened the Holocaust up to questioning. When Israel collected MONEY for the Holocaust, Israel SOLD THE STORY RIGHTS. So it is not just Our RIGHT to “question” the holocaust, it is Our DUTY to ask “Are we buying a PIG in a POKE?”
    Someone with an actuarial chart should track back and see just HOW MANY PEOPLE YOU HAVE TO START OUT WITH, in order to have 600,000 survivors 65+ YEARS LATER. And where do they get off with this “I survived 4-5-6 DEATH CAMPS” !? Seems to me those “notoriously efficient” Nazis were pretty sloppy,

  2. The ‘Holohoax Industry’, that little piece of ‘history’ that needs laws to protect it from scrutiny. I bet the old jug eared illegal alien earned some brownie points from his Jewish handlers for paying homage to the paper mache props and other nonsense this dump contains.

  3. <>

    Isn’t it amusing to to see as the same people who are sceptical of “6 million” (with good reason, I think) never even try to use the same approach to “55 million” (also 60, 80 and even 120 million) and “100 million” coming from the same propaganda sources. Why such strange selectivity of their “critical thinking”? Could it be political indoctrination
    they “think” they don’t have?

  4. Obama is a tool for the City of London and their minions. Israel is a game board where the fool manifests his incompetence and servitude from time to time. It IS the Rothschild’s gameboard. Fukushima was no accident. See Jim Stone’s interviews at Project Camelot and pay PARTICULAR ATTENTION to what the USGS and the Japanese earthquake monitors said about the epicenter 60 miles inland and PAY ATTENTION to the fact that there was no major quake at FUKUSHIMA and NO DAMAGE BEFORE THE TSUNAMI. Review Jim Stone’s perspective twice for personal dignity and accurate assessment of what happened that day. Monkeys with mininukes! STUPID monkeys. NOT JAPANESE.

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