Obama Seeks Out the Mentally Challenged and the Lazy

Obama is out on the campaign trail blaming high gas prices on America’s dependency on foreign oil and telling those who will listen that we must dump more taxpayer wealth into green energy.  Everyone does realize that General Electric and other energy giants are Obama’s big money corporate backers and indeed green energy is a social communist scam.  Low interest loan monies are made available so the international corporate elite can build green energy operations in the United States, which are bankrupted by design and then dismantled and moved to China.

The assertion that gas prices are soaring as a result of having to import crude is an out and out lie and Barry knows it.  It is being reported on literally every channel that there is in reality a glut of oil on the US market, so much in fact that gas and diesel are now our number one export.

The so called experts are trying to put forth the notion that our failing dollar is the problem.  I say it is like this, if it were the law of the land that all products derived from oil coming from within the United States had to be sold in the United States, even with the worthless fiat US dollar and state and federal road taxes, we would only be paying about a dollar per gallon for gasoline for our cars.

I think everyone is quite aware of the situation and the fact that Obama has no problem lying right to our faces and that the illusion that the last three years have been a heyday is readily dismissed out the gate.

The fraud that has become predominant in the reporting of the unemployment numbers is as blatant as the fraud being perpetrated in the GOP primaries and caucuses.  It looks like this election is coming down to who will tell the most outrageous lie and be able to keep a straight face.  Obama is promising to give money to the people until they have piles of it.  What he is failing to say, is they are going to need piles of it just to buy a loaf of bread.

Ron Paul has been removed from the mainstream media to the point that a lot of people out there, whose only news source is the network evening broadcast, now believe that Dr. Paul has dropped out of the race.  There is no excuse for these people as the fact is they are just plain too lazy to look any further than the evening network broadcast.  And shame on them for it.

The soviet socialist Dylan Rattigan preaches the doctrine of getting big money out of our elections, but being the socialist plant he is, he fails to address how the money is being used.  Does anyone think that these mainstream treasonous talking heads do not understand exactly what they are doing in boycotting Dr. Paul?  Of course they do.

The average idiots out there need to understand that these big time mainstream reporters are themselves a part of the elite and status quo.  They care only about their own self interests, which are blatantly in contrast to the interests of the vast majority in this country.  Anyone who uses these propagandists as a source of information for decision making, are so stupid and lax in their responsibility to be informed, that they should not be allowed to vote.

How worthless do you have to be to vote a straight party line ballot?  Hell you have already acquiesced to social communism as you freely accept someone else doing your thinking for you.  Be advised you stupid out there, you will reap what you sow.

If we the American people of the American race are forced to sacrifice some of our lives to take back what you thrown away through your stupidity, we are going to take measures to make sure your moronic essence is removed from our free Republic, hence, you are going to be going away and you won’t be coming back.  And no matter how much you decry your regret, we can show you no mercy as, in the case of an insurgency, ignorance is too dangerous to ignore, it must be eliminated.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. Barry the Rat is also preaching “fuel efficient cars” as an answer to the rising gas prices. Thing is, we’ve had no jobs for several years now, so how would we be able to purchase said cars and alternate power sources? The fiat dollar is making things far worse. I saw this comment on a blog recently, I hadn’t thought about “speculation” but it does raise some good points:

    “Speculation. It’s speculation. Look into trading on margin. You have people that borrow money to purchase oil futures they have no interest in even possessing.

    Then they turn around and sell it when the price hits a certain level.

    There never is any plan to actually buy the barrel of light crude oil. Only a contract to buy at some later date.

    And with the drumbeats of war, speculators are going higher and higher.

    So nope, it’s not a dollar issue, it’s called, folks with no intention to buy oil, in theory buying oil, raising the prices.”

    1. When the price of oil goes up through speculation, the value of the dollar goes down because it takes more dollars to buy the barrel of oil, hence the dollar is devalued. Why? Because it is not tangible, it is based on an international transfer of debt/credit swaps. This is how the elite can devalue the dollar across the board simply by buying up oil futures, which causes the oil futures they buy to increase in value, said value being transferred from our pockets to theirs.
      No matter how many ways they try to put it, the simple facts are they push wealth into a product and the effect is an equal amount of our wealth being sucked into their product they own.

      1. Right on the money as always Henry! If Super Tuesday goes the way these other caucuses have gone (total voter fraud), then all hopes of a peaceful revolution are out the window. Romney vs Obama would definitely be a no-win scenario. .

  2. How many oil wells does Kenya have? The Obama Kenya Canada oil connection? Hmmm….. Could it be that Barack Obama AKA Barry Soetoro opened some doors for some cash, so Canada could reap profits? Geee, Ya Think?

    I wonder how long it will be before the mainstream media picks up on this as we have here at the “The Trenches World Report?”


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