Obama Supporters Petition to Grant Him Immunity for All Crimes He Commits While in Office

Published on Jul 22, 2013 by MarkDice

Obama supporters in San Diego, California petition to grant the President immunity for any crimes he has committed or will commit while in office. Media analyst and author Mark Dice simply asks random people if they’ll sign a petition to support Obama by granting him immunity for his crimes, and one person right after the other signs it to show support for dear leader.

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11 thoughts on “Obama Supporters Petition to Grant Him Immunity for All Crimes He Commits While in Office

  1. And that’s why the US is in the state it’s in and why others have to suffer for it. Because they are irreparably insolvent.

  2. That second last woman in the video, “What crimes did he commit?” OMG! She’s either seriously drunk or seriously retarded and has seriously been living under a rock or had one too many drinks on the rocks.

  3. This is precisely why the Founders granted the privilege of “voting” only to responsible, civic-minded, learned landowners… all of whom had an actual stake in the results of their decisions. These spoiled morons are the inevitable decadent spawn of a people who gave up on these founding principals long ago.

  4. As long as they have their bread and circuses,a large percentage of the populace are content to remain blissfully ignorant Really pathetic.

  5. I still say he always seems to pick out all the degenerates to sign his forms which makes me still say his results become slightly skewed because of that. But that’s just me.

    Of course it is Crazyfornia and finding intelligent people is probably rare these days in that state. But again, that’s just me. No offense, #1NWOHatr. We all know you’re one of the few who are a major exception to that and are excluded from that bunch. Keep your head up, my friend.

    1. None taken, NC.

      Regardless, granted that the majority of morons who live here are mostly as clueless as those portrayed in the video, it would be interesting to see Dice post an answer from someone like me.

      Highly doubtful, since I hardly fit the profile of his target group.

  6. Clearly the propaganda machine is extremely effective in California, when virtually every person Mark stops on the street is ignorant enough to sign a petition to relieve the guy at the white house of all the criminal activities he has engaged in over the last five years, they are clearly not informed at all. Wake the hell up CALIFORNIA!

  7. Yeah! Get the Petition out there!

    They never pay attention to those things! In Law , they’re considered “Begging Letters’- & ROTFL.

    This time they’ll pay attention.

    Alright, sign it, and when the scum gets out of office GRAB HIM!

    The Feds are already at WAR with We, THE People, so it’s alright, for us to say: “WE LIED!”

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