7 thoughts on “Obama: The government is us and we’re doing things right

  1. What a crock, “The government is us” my ass. Hasn’t been us for a long, long time. Corporate owned because it is a corporation, Mr. CEO puppet. We all know it’s your invisible shareholders that are doing things, and it ain’t right.

    Time to rewrite the socialist pledge of allegiance, more fitting to the one you scumbags in the District of Criminals takes.

    I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United Socialist States of America, and to the Fascist Empire for which it stands, one godless nation, under surveillance, completely divided, fully tyrannical with injustice and hypocrisy for all.


  2. Big mistake, Obama. The government is WE THE PEOPLE, and because you’ve forgotten that, your death will probably serve as an example for future potential tyrants to consider.

    As for the second half of today’s lie; please tell me exactly what is it that the government has done right, because I sure as hell haven’t seen it yet.

  3. 1. He says we are a democracy. Now we know why his Constitutional law license was revoked.

    2. Notice at about the 34 second mark how Biden is literally trying to hold in his laugh as Obama is spewing the ridiculous rhetoric that even he knows is the biggest piece of bullshit he has said so far.

    It’s like Biden is thinking, “I can’t believe the people are falling for this shit and eating it right up. Man they are dumb. This is too easy.”

    3. The government is us? We have a responsibility to make it act effectively?

    Well, Obama, we have been trying to make it act more effectively, but since you won’t listen to us, make and execute your own laws and bypassing Congress, the Constitution and our Bill of Rights, it’s not that easy, now is it?

    Oh that’s right, you mean “us” as in you politicians. You mean we the people have a responsibility to work with you in order to make your phoney laws, actions, and corruption work more effectively against We the People. I see how it is.

    Hang the bastard for HIGH TREASON!!!!

    1. Hey #1, “us” is defined as gay boy Barry and his transsexual wife, Micheal, oh, I mean Michelle, the former linebacker for the Oregon State Beavers.

  4. Biden almost started laughing right after he said that. FFS, they can hardly contain their glee.

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