Obama Thinks Youth Equals Ignorance

Barack Obama AKA Barry Soetoro AKA Barry the Rat has taken his con game to the colleges in an attempt to con our young people trying to get an education into voting him back into office.  It is obvious that he is targeting the most socialist schools in our country.  I guess the game plan is to get all these young socialists tweeting to their young friends across the US in an attempt to make voting for Obama a fad again.

I think this strategy stands no chance as Ron Paul has already captured the support of the majority of our young people.  Obama wants to offer a freeze on interest rate hikes for student loans.  Ron Paul, on the other hand, is offering freedom, liberty, and a return to prosperity to the extent that loans will no longer be necessary.

When we take our Republic back, stop the theft of our resources, and recover what has been stolen, no American national should have to worry about having enough wealth to pay for education for at least a couple hundred years.

Obama does look quite sleazy offering nothing more than a small concession from the loan sharks to a people who have had $35 trillion stolen from them by those very same loan sharks and our young people should be insulted by such an offer.

Obama, like Romney, is trying to portray himself as a man of the people and is trying to put forth the illusion that he truly understands what our young people are facing today.

No sale, Barry.  To try and compare what our young people are going through today with what you faced in the eighties is apples and oranges.  Back in the eighties, when students earned their degrees, they were being courted with job offers from different companies before they ever graduated.  Today, 50% of those coming out of college, even with high degrees in industry related subjects, cannot find work.  This is because Obama, Bush, Clinton, and the rest of the corporate elite, have transferred our industry to other countries.

Obama is guilty of supporting this transfer of wealth to his international corporate elitist masters.  And as for Mitt Romney, he actually sat as CEO on the board of Bain Capital, which put millions of Americans out of work as he and his international partners dismantled American factories and shipped them to China, South Korea, and India.

I guess these elitists are so removed that they actually think we do not talk to one another – young, old, red, yellow, black, brown, and white.  The very idea that Obama or Romney think they can con a sufficient number of US voters to legitimately take the presidency is an insult to our intelligence.

The fact that they have no problem committing blatant election fraud should give us cause to simply close our ears.  And when it comes time to vote, vote.  When that vote is nullified through criminal fraud, and when those responsible for enforcing the law refuse to do so, go to the 2nd Amendment and enforce our own laws.  And make sure every one of them is adequately punished before they are deported.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

4 thoughts on “Obama Thinks Youth Equals Ignorance

  1. Obama thinks that he can placate the youth of America by passively mandating that they be put on drugs every time they question authority.
    Obama actively treats the youth of America with disrespect by disallowing them proper nutrition, creative forms of education, vocation preparation, and social activism. He actively shows that he thinks the youth are ignorant by constantly having items published in the media that state that teens are just sex-addicted, entertainment-addicted morons.
    Obama is confused. The teens of America see very clearly how corrupt the politicians, military, banking, and judicial branches are.
    People might want to give these kids respect or they may stop working at these crappy jobs and fighting unnecessary wars. They may completely rewrite the constitution, change term limits, or destroy the media industry.
    Let’s see Obama try a draft with this bunch.

  2. If these students fall for this socialist assholes bullshit. They deserve the future they get. Education and no jobs. I don’t care if they do freeze the interest rate if you don’t have a job how the hell are you going to pay for the loan.

  3. You insult me Mr. President, and millions of others under 30 who can’t go to college because of the retarded costs. If it wasn’t for you, I would be on my way to finally becoming a Meteorologist and my brother a Graphic Designer and Architect. We voted for you because we were ignorant of the process of monetary structure. We know now that loans will not do. We know now that the Dept. of Education is a total failure. The point is not to have intelligent students in America, but the opposite. And we the youth do not accept your reasoning behind lowing the quality of education.

    After what Obama did with the NDAA, I cannot understand how anyone could support him. Especially if he ever tries to mention the constitution. I made a grave mistake voting for him. I want to right that wrong. I’ve just voted for Ron Paul on Tues in PA. And if Ron becomes the nominee, IT’S ON!

    1. I’m glad you have seen the light of truth. I’m an old man and I have never witnessed the socialist, corrupt agenda I have seen in the last 10 yrs. I’m glad your voting because that is the only way we will make a change. Just remember it isn’t just the president, we have to make big changes in the senate and congress. If they voted for NDAA they are an enemy to the People of the USA and vote against them to get them out. Follow the money and you will know who is bought off. Any that are Supported by Goldman Sachs or Global Corporations are corrupted. We need to get the money out of politics and end the FED. Corruption in this country and the world is led by the lobby and the FED. Good luck to you and your future, Buy a gun and Ammo you might need it to defend your freedom and Liberty. Sign petitions to Dismantle the TSA, DHS, CRP, NATO and the UN. Their agenda is to control the world through Tyranny, Oppression and to Occupy soviegn countries for the IMF, FED, and the Globalist Elite NWO.

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