Obama Thugs Begin Internet Attacks

As expected From the Trenches World Report is coming under attack by those who, through power and influence, think they own and control the net.  All this week we have been attacking the lies of Barack Hussein Obama AKA Barry Soetoro AKA Barry the Rat, the South Side of Chicago back alley pimp, and lo and behold, mysteriously a glitch has occurred and the internet crawlers have disappeared from our site.

In asking CIA controlled Google Support as to what the problem could be, the answer was,” Uhhhhh you posted it today? Wait a week and then get back to us.”  To which I replied, “I usually get crawled within minutes. This article is not showing up in any search.”  The answer came back almost immediately, “Yeah, that’s not normal. Average for blogs I’d say is between 2-4 days. Unless you’re CNN, expect to wait some time.”

During the 2008 election the zombified Obama zealots excelled through the internet.  This time around the internet and the Ron Paul Revolution is proving to be their greatest detriment.  I believe this most recent attack is coming straight from Obama’s handpicked internet thugs, just like the attack that took From the Trenches out of Google News, which was proceeded by threats to shut us down, coming out of Chicago, Illinois.

I believe that the status quo has come to fear From the Trenches more than any other site on the net because we will not be intimidated.  They cannot threaten us by removing ad revenues, as the only advertising we have on the site is Infolinks, which only brings in about fifty cents per day.

Their effort to intimidate us through the new classifications for terrorists has failed to sway us because we are American patriots advocating for the Republic and the Constitution, and if that makes us terrorists, then we will wear that as a badge of honor.

When they push us down, we simply work harder and lift ourselves right back up.  The only way From the Trenches will ever be removed from the net is through an explicit and absolute act of totalitarian treachery.  And if and when the site is eliminated, that action will only serve to affirm every word we have written, and of course we will find another forum and come at our enemies again and again and again.

I’m sure the larger sites would like to see From the Trenches removed.  For years they have been the cock of the walk, proclaiming themselves to be the most courageous in putting their lives on the line to bring forth the truth.  From the Trenches, in its raw content, shows just how much they have been holding back in order to procure advertising, wealth, and power.

I guess we are just that mean little red-headed step child that brazenly shouts out what the other sites try to skirt in the name of creating appeal for the cowards who, though they think the truth in its full grandeur, are afraid to speak it.

I think the reason From the Trenches is so feared is centered around our demographic, which is the American people of the American race, et.al., the cowboys, the hippies, the rebels, and the yanks.  We represent a nightmare scenario to our enemies wherein middle class grassroots Tea Partiers, the unemployed, poor, and disposed Occupiers, and the militias are now referring to one another as brothers and sisters, uniting in the cause of reinstituting our Republic under our Constitution, either peaceably with Ron Paul as our leader or with armed force united as a freedom liberation army that makes all other armies on this planet seem insignificant in comparison.

The word is “No”.  No, we will not shut up.  No, we will not be dissuaded.  No, our enemies will not conquer us and make us their slaves.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

I have put up a donate button for our brothers and sisters of the Hutaree Militia who are being held on a bill of attainder and have committed no crime.  They have lost their jobs, their homes, and their freedom.  Their trial has begun and the money is needed for transportation of witnesses and other necessities to accommodate the trial.

These are our people and we need to stand by them as they are our militia who were preparing to stand by us.  They are innocent.  Any amount you can give will be greatly appreciated.

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