Obama to name 5 ‘Promise Zones’ for assistance

USA Today – by David Jackson

President Obama will designate troubled neighborhoods in five cities and areas as “Promise Zones,” eligible for tax breaks and other forms of assistance designed to create jobs and improve education, housing and public safety.

The first five Promise Zones will be located in San Antonio, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, southeastern Kentucky, and the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, said a White House statement.  

Obama plans to make a formal announcement Thursday.

Under the proposed Promise Zones, the federal government plans to partner with local governments and businesses to provide tax incentives and grants to help combat poverty. The project is part of Obama’s effort to address income inequality.

In his State of the Union Address a year ago, Obama said his administration plans “to partner with 20 of the hardest-hit towns in America to get these communities back on their feet. We’ll work with local leaders to target resources at public safety, and education, and housing.”

One prominent Republican — Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky — praised the proposed Promise Zone for Eastern Kentucky, but also said Obama policies have contributed to the region’s problems.

“I wrote a letter last year supporting this designation because this region has suffered enormous economic hardship over the last several years,” McConnell said in a statement. “Thousands of jobs have been lost and economic opportunity is extremely limited, particularly because of this administration’s hostile policies toward the coal industry.”


5 thoughts on “Obama to name 5 ‘Promise Zones’ for assistance

  1. I promise!
    None of his promise crap will mean a thing and these so called promise zones will be just like Chicago or detroit,, either dead or corrupt!

  2. Worthless BS where they shovel your money,taken at gun point, to a series of shill front operations to help “the hood” that in reality are shiester money sucking foreign operations. 10 BILLION at a time was handed over to “Detroit” each year in the late 90’s. Detroit got beat up and burnt down while the Kosher Mafia pocketed the money and OAKLAND COUNTY became the richest county in the USA. It sits right next to Wayne County/Detroit. Wanna guess where the Jewish enclaves are? Liberty 1775 MGK/GDW!

  3. To those 5 zones. Be afraid. Be very afraid!

    Look at his history of what happened to industries, companies, and just about anything else he’s made “promises” about.

    These are sure to become the first 5 of 10 Obama plagues.

  4. Promise Zones? I see these as being the foot in the door for more centralization and merging of state and federal powers into one just like everything else the bastard has been doing. He’ll use this for tax breaks and then expand upon it with something unrelated to it and use blackmail and manipulation to divide us more. The people of these cities better get their act together and kick this bastard and his federal mafia goons out of there permanently. Otherwise, they’re done.

  5. Hopefully Detroit left alone,a lot of green shoots there business wise and volunteer due to ,well,at moment not much govt.,folks seeing opportunities there,how about succession zones,no fed monies ect. but no fed taxes ect.!

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