Obamacare Revealed as Exclusive Tax on the Middle Class

It was recently revealed that foreign nationals entering the United States as guest workers will not be subject the mandates and penalties to be implemented through Obamacare, which is to say businesses cannot be forced to provide coverage and individuals cannot be fined for refusing to purchase healthcare insurance.

This revelation comes on the heels of a rash of exemptions for big labor unions and huge international corporations based in the United States.  It has also been revealed that the Native American population, consisting of 11 million individuals, is also exempt from the dictates contained in the socialist Obamacare.  Our legislators and their staff are exempt.  And one last aspect, the impoverished have also been declared exempt.  

When Obamacare was being shoved down the American peoples’ throat via the treasonous Congress and Senate working hand in glove with the treasonous insurgent president, Nancy Pelosi made the statement, “We have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it” and the implementation has been indeed slow and incremental.

That being said, we have now reached the point to where the true reality of the purpose of Obamacare can no longer be denied.

Obamacare is in reality the largest tax increase to be implemented on what is left of our middle class since the socialist inspired New Deal.  The only ones to be subject to the mandates and penalties are the middle class.

The Affordable Care Act was written by the insurance industry who have seen their profits rise 30% to 50%, just with the implementations to date.  The so called Obamacare is in reality a back breaking tax to be levied on the middle class with the proceeds thereof to be collected by the diabolical and unconstitutional IRS, to be delivered directly to the insurance companies.

The treasonous Supreme Court has given sanction to this crime in declaring the penalty to be a tax, said tax which did originate in the Senate in direct violation of the Constitution.

This new unconstitutional immoral tax being levied exclusively on the middle class serves the purpose of further destroying the producers within our country as a part of the ongoing campaign to tear the United States down, in order that it can be reconstructed and reduced to nothing more than another communist state in the one world order.

Even the communists who have come to power in the United States, using the collective theology of democracy to infiltrate our Republic, now admit that the majority are opposed to socialized medicine as it continues to give little or nothing for more and more.

I think our last election proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the apparatus is completely wrought with fraud.  We cannot vote our way out of this mess as the illusion of democracy has been dispelled by the assertion of hard core red communism.

If we are ever to have a free Republic again, it has become absolutely unavoidable that we are going to have to violently put down this insurgency, reestablish our borders, and eject every foreigner who has come here in violation of our laws.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

18 thoughts on “Obamacare Revealed as Exclusive Tax on the Middle Class

    1. In trouble?
      Pffft, only those afraid of the Stasi are in trouble.

        1. Just let me know where the party is at I have been waiting for this for a long time and am getting very excited about the outcome.

  1. Well said, Henry.

    I’m not paying one stinking dime into Obama care, and anyone who does is only fueling the enemy’s machine. This is nothing more than another blow from Obama’s on-going attack against white America. You’re being robbed, plain and simple. Don’t stand for it.

    Maybe it’s time to fight back BEFORE we’re reduced to scratching crumbs out of the dirt in order to eat.

  2. Re: “The only ones to be subject to the mandates and penalties are the middle class.”

    According to BHO himself … wouldn’t this be classified as “RACIST”? How ’bout a (middle) class action lawsuit?

    . . .

  3. This khazar ‘jew’ occupied government is putting white america’s back straight up against the wall…the last wall. There’s no escape anywhere on this planet from them. It’s time to fight.

    “Listen, and understand. That terminator is out there. It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.” -Terminator 1984

    Get it?


  4. Looks like I’m screwed, if I don’t pay, the assholes will just deduct it from my check anyway (the fine). If I do pay, penalty only mind you, (I would rather bathe in a Kenyan outhouse holding tank than pay the yearly dues), I’m going to have to skip some meals.

    Welcome to amerika!

    What I call a forced diet……

    Time to find a tall tree and a short hemp rope, time for a neck stretchin……

    1. I have heard that, unlike your other taxes, the IRS cannot force you to pay it. There is no provision to allow them to collect the tax from you, only to withhold it from a refund.

      So if you are not due a refund, they cannot deduct it from your check.

      If this is true and you pay taxes, it seems that the solution would be not to be in the position of being owed a refund.


      1. Thank you!

        I had no idea….. I guess it helps to know the facts…. Yes, I pay taxes as an independent operator, so I control what I pay on a semi annual basis.

        Thanks again for the info…..

        Now I can find a smaller tree and a longer rope….

        1. Cathleen…. I am a little bit younger than social security age, so I had to look this up. It is probably something that most social security recipients already know.


          I am not sure the current status of this Retirement Freedom Act (this article is from February 2012).

          So for someone who knows, are Medicare and Social Security still linked (i.e. in order to receive social security benefits, you must also be enrolled in Medicare)? I am going to guess that the answer is “yes.” So that would make the penalty question moot for social security recipients.

          1. Well … I’m on SS and if they tap into that, I’ll be on the street. I’m 2 years away from Medicare enrollment.

            . . .

  5. I got booted from the middle class in 2007 when I lost my job and still haven’t regained one. If Ohio expands medicaid next year I will be eligible. Being in the middle class has no benefits. At least being poor might get me health coverage.woohoo…..

    1. Lost my job in 2009. Didn’t find one for the next 3 years so went onto SS when I turned 62. However, I am still looking for some kind of work, even if part time to supplement. No luck so far.

      . . .

  6. Intrusive, abusive, ubiquitous, all inclusive regulation — and the power to grant exceptions to favored individuals and groups — is an essential device of tyranny.

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