Obamacare Shock: 9-21% of Americans to LOSE coverage

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Consultants at Deloitte expected 9 percent of companies to drop coverage, while Mercer’s estimate was 21 percent. The Congressional Budget Office, which provided the official projection of the law’s cost, was much lower. If there’s an exodus from employer health plans and those workers end up in the Obamacare exchanges, the program’s cost will explode.  

But the opposite problem also could be disastrous for the law’s viability. The dumped workers and many of those now without policies may not go to the exchanges at all, opting instead to pay the penalty, which will be much lower than the cost of a health plan.

If the young and healthy stay away, those left in the exchanges will be older and sicker — pushing premiums higher and driving more people out.

via E. Thomas McClanahan: Obamacare destined to fail – Omaha.com.


14 thoughts on “Obamacare Shock: 9-21% of Americans to LOSE coverage

  1. and maybe some of the people pushed out of the system will come to learn that they become healthier after all, because they will have little choice except to learn about “alternatives” such as taking self responsibility for one’s health, rather than placing that responsibility in the hands of the system.

    1. So if your healthy and still get cancer with no insurance you lose your job, home and your out on the street. That’s a viable solution.

      1. I can relate Ed.

        My daughter just 42 ended up with a Deep Vein Thrombosis (blood clot) in her leg. Her employer dumped her two weeks after she got out of the hospital and her health insurance only lasted 2 weeks after that.


        . . .

        1. Typical insurance co. bastards. I am sorry to hear about your daughter. The last time I saw a dr. was about 13 yr.s ago because of a nasty dirty work enviroment, a work comp. claim ya know, and it was because I had a MRSA infection that went septic, I almost died. Yep I do herbal meds now instead of going to see dr.s and I haven`t been sick at all since. I do have circulation prob.s though on occasion though and I just take a asprin for a few days and it seems to work and I feel better within about 1/2 a hr. every time. Bad to do that though if you are on blood thinners or have thin blood though. Read up on the herbal meds, I realy like them. I also got degenerative bone desease too and I will take about 200 -300mg.s ibuprophen and that also seems to help. I do not advise anything like this for anyone because we are all different ya know, but this is just some of the things that I do instead of those damned hosp. and dr.appointments. Yea Cathlee, I would reccomend checking out herbal med.s. I gave my favorite source for where I get my herbals from, I you want the place, just ask me eh.

          1. Yes, this is kind of what I was referring to. I also lost my job and insurance about 6 years ago. Up until then I’d “enjoyed” decades of steady insurance and it never occurred to me to look outside the medical system. I got very sick one year after I lost the insurance, and did go to the doctor and paid out of pocket, a lot of money, for medicines that ended up making me sicker! After several months of this, I gave up and decided to let my body do its thing. I got better. And that was the beginning of my looking into alternative methods, especially herbal — so I’m with you there, and yes, I do recommend checking those out. For the last few years, I’ve been much healthier and I’m learning to heal myself. A lot of things we have been conditioned to believe we have to go to the doctor for, can be healed ourselves, with herbs and other things. I’m not a young woman, so this is a new way of thinking for me, after a lifetime of mainstream thinking. I don’t wish ill health on anyone, and I don’t wish desperation and anguish on anyone. But Obamacare is going to make things worse. As diggerdan says, everyone is different — so what works for me, might not work for all. But it will work for some. In my case, I had to be pushed in this direction by circumstances, and I believe I’m better off now, and much healthier, not dependent on doctors. That’s what I meant.

      2. If you’re talking about receiving their enormously expensive voodoo witch doctor so-called ‘cancer cures’ that actually kill more healthy cells than cancerous ones (in other words: DON’T work) then I’d hardly consider THAT a viable solution.

        Cancer is easily curable.

        Just not by the so-called ‘medical’ establishment.

        By design, of course.

  2. I was just looking into this under the health exchange for California called Covered CA http://coveredca.com/

    I take very good care of myself, but I’m edging ever closer to surgery on my neck due to a degenerative disease. I’ve not been able to afford health insurance for 4 years now. At my age, Obamacare may deem me an expendable resource … a throw away commodity.

    Yes, Obamacare, which personally don’t want to be on, provides cheaper coverage for the individual. But the government, or should I say the rest of us, will be paying for the care of everyone through government subsidies that comes out of our taxes. In the long run, we’re all being bent over the couch for a good s****ing.
    . . .

    1. and we are all expendable after age 40, right? 😉

      except for those of us who still have some wealth to extract, maybe…

        1. sorry for being cryptic and a bit sarcastic and that it didn’t make sense — I meant no harm and it wasn’t meant personally.

          I can’t remember where I read it recently, because I read too much stuff and don’t keep track, but it was a reference to some plan for drastic depopulation by various means, including GMOs and other things (like pharmaceutical drugs) that would sicken us and that after about age 40 we would be expendable. And the other remark (wealth) was just that the medical industry makes money off of sick people, has an incentive to keep us sick, and so why not design a system where we are productive for a short time, and then become sick and dependent on the medical industry for a bit longer, until we run out of money so there’s no profit in it.

          1. No harm . . . I just didn’t understand what you meant or what you were thinking.

            We’re definitely on the same page EE. Thanks for articulating your thoughts.

            . . .

  3. The expendable part became clear to me years before Obamacare. The Donut Hole functioned as a death panel for low income seniors and despite even social workers would literally scream BUT BUT BUT drug companies help you if you can’t afford it – no they don’t. If you are a Social Security recipient the drug companies do not help you. Read the fine print. So as I see it, under Obamacare the pool of “expendables” will most likely grow, especially if the Gang of 8 amnesty plan is implemented giving newly legals access to Medicaid and immunity from Obamacare demands for a full decade.

    1. I agree … I see it the same way you do AngryCochroach. Yes, the pool will get much larger in 2014.

      So glad our country’s Prez’ loves us and has our backs. *sarcasm*

      I’m looking to move to an anti-Obamacare state.

      . . .

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