Obamacare – The Question of Treason for the US Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has taken up the issue of the constitutionality, or lack thereof, of Obamacare.  Being examined at present is the individual mandate.  The question being can the government, using the Commerce Clause, order individual citizens to purchase a commercial product (medical insurance) and punish that citizen if he or she fails to do so.  Again, at issue is the government authority under the Commerce Clause.

The founders of our Constitution inserted the Commerce Clause to allow the federal government to protect our industry using tariffs on foreign goods and anti-trust laws to prevent monopolies within the United States.  I think the question that should be before the Supreme Court today is whether the implementation of CAFTA, NAFTA, and GATT are an act of treason under the Commerce Clause.

The Commerce Clause is being used by the insurgents within our government to invoke a “Cradle to the Grave” excuse to dictate every aspect of our lives; from the food we eat to the makeup of the structures we build on what is supposed to be our private property.  In unconstitutionally contracting out their fiducial responsibilities to private corporations, hence non-government agencies, the traitors within have made every substance and action within our country, commercial.  In short, in violating our Constitution they now seek to justify further violation of our Constitution.

The United States government was never supposed to contract with the private citizen as an individual, as any such contract automatically places conditions over the individual, which equates to an authority over the individual by the government.  The government as an entity was never meant to have authority over we the people as individuals.  Under our Constitution we are supposed to be self-governing, hence the only authority over the individual is the individual.  Along with this freedom came the responsibility for one’s actions as they affect another citizen.

Enter in the people’s Title 3 Courts, wherein it was meant that we would settle our differences between one another as individuals.  The whole idea of the government being able to move the courts in any way to force it’s will upon an individual suggests that the government has become an individual, hence equal to any individual or the people, et.al.

The fact is our government was put in place to serve us.  It is not our equal, it is beneath us.  We control it, it does not control us.  The very idea of the government being able to mandate that any individual do anything is an assertion of treason, as only an individual sovereign citizen through the neutral Title 3 Court can force any action on another individual.

And as for this so called Supreme Court, it was only put in place to judge the constitutionality of the government within the government as a non-human entity without the rights and not being equal to any individual one of us.

In short, not only is Obamacare and the oppression it represents to the individual not lawful under our Constitution, but the very fact that the question is being asked is an affront to our individual freedoms and liberties.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

2 thoughts on “Obamacare – The Question of Treason for the US Supreme Court

  1. What kills me even more than Barry Soetoro AKA Barack Obama trying to shove this Pigs Manure down are throats, is the fact that all the Kings Men haven’t really stood up and fight for this cancer of society to be 86’d! All of these useless bunch of weasles have basically just kind of stuck their heads in the sand and waited to see if the people had the cahooney’s to stand up and give this garbage the brush.

    I thought some of these cowards in congress were supposed to big time war heros What the hell were they fighting for anyway? Give all these birds a lifetime of free depends and push them out the damn door.

  2. In this day and age people can’t even afford to buy groceries for an adequate diet and now with gas prices taking another toll on the household budget to the tune of an extra $200. to $400. a month the average citizen is hurting that much more. This administration is not in tune with the majority of Americans when they also expect them to pay for health insurance. We are insurance poor as it is. These elite assholes that never hurt or want for anything but more money and power have their head up their asses and as far as I’m concerned need to come and spend a week with the average american 24/7 and see what we go through trying to make ends meet. I think they all need to be stripped of their wealth just like they are doing to America. Prison would be a good start for these treasonist neo-cons. They forget we are already paying for medicare, medicaid and social security. I can’t and won’t pay anymore. Got it Obamanist!

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