Obamacare train wreck will kill far more people than the disastrous crash in Spain

ObamacareNatural News – by Mike Adams

When 80 people die in dramatic fashion, it’s the kind of tragedy that grabs global headlines. “Driver in custody after 80 killed in Spain train crash,” declares Reuters in the aftermath of that devastating event. Sadly, there’s something frighteningly macabre about 80 people dying all at once in a caught-on-video crash that demands global attention.  

But when millions of people die slow, painful deaths in the privacy of their own homes, it gets zero media coverage. That’s exactly what’s happening today under the drugs-and-surgery “sick care” system that intentionally keeps patients sick and diseased while denying the scientifically-proven health benefits of nutrients, supplements and trace minerals.

Today we have a medical system steeped in practices that directly cause the death of millions of people around the world each year. In the United States alone, 783,000 Americans are killed each year by doctors, hospitals and drugs. FDA-approved prescription pharmaceuticals alone kill roughly 100,000 Americans each year, even when taken as prescribed.

These numbers dwarf the 80 whose lives were tragically ended by this week’s train crash in Spain, where the drivers ran the train at double the safe speed around a sharp bend, causing the laws of physics to take over and throw the train off the tracks. It just goes to show you that whoever is piloting the train has the potential to either save — or destroy — a lot of lives. And when it comes to health care in America right now, Obama is running the health care train at full speed right into a concrete wall.

Obamacare expands deadly medical monopolies

So why does Obamacare really kill more people each year than an actual train wreck? First, because it expands the monopoly of Big Pharma, an industry steeped in criminalityfraudulent sciencemedical experimentation on children and monopolistic prices for drugs.

Obamacare is, at its core, anti-free-trade and monopolistic because it forces all Americans to buy a product that is only offered by a cabal of medical monopolists who prioritize profits over people. In no other industry is everyone required to buy a product that may not even want. Not even car insurance is forced onto people in this way. With car insurance, you can always choose not to drive a car. But with Obamacare, you’d have to literally kill yourself to be considered exempt from its mandates.

Secondly, Obamacare is causing health insurance prices to skyrocket nationwide, with 200% – 400% price increases being routinely reported. Insurance rates are slated to double or triple for healthy eaters, while single women in California will soon be paying double what they used to pay for health insurance.

Costs are so high that many employers are cutting full-time jobs, causing a nationwide shift to a “part-time society” in which the workers don’t qualify for health care coverage.

According to the IRS, which is set to enforce Obamacare with the help of AR-15 rifles that the agency is now deploying, openly admits that the cheapest family health insurance policy will soon cost $20,000 a year.

Such exploding costs will cause fewer and fewer Americans to be able to obtain even basic health care services such as routine checkups and early detection tests. As a result, more Americans will die prematurely from diseases or conditions that could have been caught early on if affordable health care were a reality. I’m not saying that drugs and surgery prevent disease, mind you. I’m saying that doctors can help diagnose people with conditions like diabetes, thereby alerting those people to go home and start juicing in order to save their lives and reverse the diabetes. (Yes, type-2 diabetes is easily reversed with simple changes in diet.)

The number of Americans affected by this lack of basic health care services — and potentially killed by it — will soon number in the tens of millions, dwarfing the number of passengers who regrettably died in the catastrophic train wreck in Spain.

Finally, Obamacare does nothing to provide for real disease prevention via nutrition or holistic strategies that stave off long-term disease treatment costs by investing in near-term prevention strategies. Instead of looking ahead and asking how we can reduce long-term disease management costs by investing in commonsense nutrition education and nationwide supplementation programs, Obamacare continues to pretend nutrition has no role in health while pushing the now-obsolete false paradigm of “drugs and surgery.”

As a result, Obamacare only traps Americans in a spiral of never-ending sickness and medical dependence that just happens to financially benefit the powerful drug lobby as well as hospitals.

That’s a train wreck. And it’s actually killing more Americans every single day than the number who died in the actual train crash in Spain.

Fact: The actual number of Americans killed EVERY DAY by modern medicine (medications, doctors, hospitals, surgeries, etc.) is 2,145.

Train wreck might be too mild a term. It’s more like a holocaust.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/041348_train_wreck_Obamacare_fatalities.html#ixzz2aAZF1xUE

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