Obama’s Executive Order Opens Southern Border to Insurgency

The insurgent Obama’s nightmare executive order to accommodate the southern invasion is coming to fruition as thousands and thousands of new invaders pour across our southern border and are granted work visas, which in essence gives them permanent citizenship.  There is absolutely no system in place to verify eligibility under the Dream Act Executive Order.

Any invader from six to twenty-eight years old can enter the United States and simply say that they have been here and/or went to school for more than five years, and that is all it takes.  These fraudulent insurgents can then set up shop as drug dealers and actually travel back and forth across the border, unhampered at will, as they retain their Mexican citizenship and are in the United States through a work visa.

To say our borders are in anyway secure in the smallest degree is a laughable assertion.

I have been listening to the insurgent cries to disarm we the people, following the shooting incident in Colorado.  While absolute attention is being given to these anti-gunners, there are roads near our southern border where traffic signs warn Americans to leave, as the Mexican drug cartels roam freely with fully automatic rifles, RPGs, and every other modern military implement.

We are under attack and, as has been the modus operandi of the insurgency since its inception, as they are coming at us, they are saying, “This is not an attack.  This is not an attack.”  And while we are on the ground as helpless victims, they are saying, “Stop resisting.”

People we have been betrayed absolutely and to sit idly by expecting the insurgency to stop itself, we are acting as mental incompetents.

I have read about the call for the unrealistic March on Washington DC November 5th to arrest the federal insurgents.  If we truly want to take an action that means something and that will cause the desired effect, how about a few million armed patriots converge on the Border States and drive these insurgents out of our country?  And if our so called government dares to step in on the side of these foreign nationals, we turn our guns in the south upon them as another ten million converge on the traitors from the north.

We must fight and fight now, as every day that passes, more and more of the enemy breach our borders and are being armed upon arrival.  We can no longer ignore the situation.  If we love this country we must fight and fight now to secure it.

7 thoughts on “Obama’s Executive Order Opens Southern Border to Insurgency

  1. “MY NAME IS….” Song by NC (A Parody of Eminem’s song, “MY NAME IS…”)

    Hi, my name is…(What?) My name is…(Who?)
    My name is… [Scratches] Barry Soetoro
    Hi, my name is…(Huh?) My name is…(Who?)
    My name is… [Scratches] Barry Soetoro

    Ahem… excuse me!
    Can I have the attention of the media for one second?

    Hi Sheeple! Do you like violence? (Yeah yeah yeah!)
    Wanna see me stick more wars on television and in front of your eyelids? (Uh-huh!)
    Wanna copy me and do exactly like I did? (Yeah yeah!)
    Try smoking pot and get messed up worse than my life is? (Huh?)
    My brain’s the shape of an ape, I’m trying to get the Constitution straight
    But I can’t figure out which U.S. Amendment I want to eliminate (Ummmm…)
    And Janet Napolitano said, “Barack Obama you look like you’ve seen a drone!”
    Uh-uhhh! “So why’s your face blank? Man you stoned!”
    Well since age twelve, I’ve felt like I’m someone else
    Cause I’ve had so many identities that even I couldn’t tell
    Got pissed off and used someone else’s social security card to write off
    And confused the U.S. citizens so much they are running around saying, “Man, were stuck!”
    I am a dirty rat but really just a controlled Democrat
    Like Bill Clinton and others before that
    C’mere Michelle! (Obama, wait a minute, that’s my new dress dog!)
    I don’t give a damn, I’m a dictator ready to piss the world off.

    Hi, my name is…(What?) My name is…(Who?)
    My name is… [Scratches] Barry the Rat
    Hi, my name is…(Huh?) My name is…(Who?)
    My name is… [Scratches] Barry the Rat

    My campaign adviser told me to run on “Hope and Change”
    Thanks a lot, next term I’ll be the one to blame
    I smacked him in his face with an Executive Order, chased him towards the Mexican Border
    And shut his mouth with a Military Order (Owwwwwww!)
    Walked in the Queen’s ballroom, had my glass all held up
    Said a powerful speech, then drank my cup
    During the middle of the Queen’s anthem, I began to tremble
    In a big room full of Royals who were saying to themselves: “WHAT THE BLOODY DEVIL!”
    Ninety-nine percent of Mainstream media I have lied to
    I just found out that the Alternative media knows more truth than I do (Damn!)
    I told them I’d give free visas, end wars and reduce unemployment
    Make a record about how I used taxpayers money to travel everywhere for my own enjoyment (Oh thank you!)
    You know your screwed when the economy falls further in your hands
    And you try to continue with fancy campaign speeches to build-up more fans (Aaaahhhhh!)
    This guy on the campaign trail asked for my autograph
    (Brother, can I get your autograph?)
    So I signed it: “Dear Dave, thanks for your support, SUCKER!”

    Hi, my name is…(What?) My name is…(Who?)
    My name is… [Scratches] Barack Hussein Obama
    Hi, my name is…(Huh?) My name is…(Who?)
    My name is… [Scratches] Barack Hussein Obama

    Stop the terrorists! They all need to be locked away! (Get them!)
    Panetta, don’t just stand there, I need another war today!
    I’m not ready to leave, I’m too narcissitic to die (Screw that!)
    I’ll have to be sent to Guantanomo Bay and be tortured alive (Huh yup!)
    Am I really African or American? I can’t decide
    I just changed my nationality again, dare me to fly? (Go ahead)
    All my life I was a very privileged guy
    I ain’t had a woman in years, maybe it’s due to my bisexual side (Whoops!)
    Prancing around like a Hollywood Celebrity (Hachhh-too)
    I stutter when I talk, I’ll strut towards anything that walks (C’mere)
    When I was in college, I had no friends and I was a bum
    How were you gonna make me a charismatic president, Brzezinski? (Wah!)
    Man, you dumb! (Wahhh!)
    I lay awake at night staring above my bed
    With hidden rage at the U.S. Constitution that’s hanging over my head (BANG!)
    I’m steaming mad (Arrrggghhh!)
    And by the way when you see Bashar Al-Assad? (Yeah?)
    Tell him that I bombed his home, in this dream I had.

    Hi, my name is…(What?) My name is…(Who?)
    My name is… [Scratches] Barack Obama
    Hi, my name is…(Huh?) My name is…(Who?)
    My name is… [Scratches] Barack Obama

  2. What do you expect from the absolutely insane puppet in chief, Barry the Rat and the sheeple that still follow him?

  3. My god! where is our congress? Come on now get off your asses and honor the pledge you took when you were elected. Are you all cowards? and our mass media, (or news) now there is a profession that is in the tank. no one believes their lies anymore. they will not even talk about anything that the “O” man does anymore

  4. May I suggest the 30,000 Predator drones be armed, and used to mop up the hordes of burrito-eating illegal sh*theads swarming in to take American jobs and/or freeload on welfare checks and food stamps? And let’s add a thousand mile minefield as well.

    Oops, I forgot…

    …America is stupid enough to reward illegal fence jumpers with health care, welfare checks, food stamps to buy chimichangas, hot sauce and jalapenos, drivers licenses, housing, etc, etc. All paid for by the average working-poor American Gringo.

    Destroying a country by mass immigration, legal and illegal, is one of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion BTW.

    Maybe it’s all OK because Barry Soetoro from Kenya, is an illegal scumbag himself, using a stack of forged documents, a fake biography and a big wad of $$$ from his handlers in Tel Aviv.

    Romney is no better. He seriously thinks God lives on a planet named Kolob.

  5. The REFUSAL to seal that border is absolute proof that there is NO “terrorist threat”.
    The only “war” is on Your RIGHTS, not Terror. Remember the Jan. 2005 PANIC due to a rumor that Chinese with a NUKE had crossed the Mexican border and were headed to blow up Boston. The border is STILL wide open …… so like …. they care about airplanes but NOT about whole cities being NUKED?!
    Above is a transcript from March 2nd 2009 (rerun on June 21) 60 MINUTES. In brief, the Government acknowledges that it has no control of the border. TONS of drugs and Millions of ILLEGALS enter this country. TONS of cash and TONS of weapons leave this country. They have no way of knowing how many “TERRORISTS” have crossed (IF there IS such a creature)
    TWO things were of major interest:
    (1) The Department of Homoland STUPIDITY acknowledges they have no control – therefore, HOW are they going to protect YOU from TERRORISTS, if they cannot stop YARD WORKERS, NANNIES, COOKS from strolling across.
    (2) The “head” of the Department of Homoland STUPIDITY (and others) tries to blame your RIGHT to keep and bear ARMS for the weapons going south. The only trouble is …….. they showed and talked of MISSILES, HAND GRENADES, BELT FED MACHINES GUNS. Those are weapons STOLEN FROM THE AMERICAN MILITARY. They are not coming from the SEMI-auto Civilian world! They are direct from your Military’s ARMORIES. Not only can your Government NOT PROTECT the borders …. and YOU. The Government CANNOT HANG ON TO IT’S OWN WEAPONS!!!
    OH— operation “Fast and Furious” —– your Government is GIVING guns to NARCOTERRORISTS……

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