7 thoughts on “Obama’s Most Daring Speech August 2013

    1. Obama doesn`t know the truth. This is all just a skit James, I surely hope you see that I hope, 🙂 . This is how he thinks though, just like all of the other eliteist bastards and those in false power. screw them.

      1. Are you sure??? I saw him running from that bull the other day too! Naw, I figured he got pissed because everyone was laughing at him…….
        Just kidding man. If I don’t have that figured out then I should be first in line with my ticket to camp FEMA.
        I wish he would speak more without the TelePrompTer. We’d certainly here more truth behind his thoughts. Kinda like the one time he didn’t have the prompter and went on to say that small business USA didn’t build that and shouldn’t have credit. It’d be nice to have more insight on their agenda but that would make it far too easy for our side.
        I am concerned that we are about to start seeing the truth played out though. Everyday its another bail of straw dumped onto the camels back. I wish everyone would wake up to it.

  1. That’s an awesome video! Are you sure it’s a parody, and not the actual speech which is then edited to what we see on TV? Because that sure would explain a whole lot!

  2. Al Franken used to be a funny guy, back in his SNL days. He was even pretty funny in “Trading Places”.

    He’s not funny anymore.

    Now I’d just like to see him hang, along with the rest of the traitors in Congress.

    The Biden one-clap was a nice touch.

  3. For a minute there, I almost thought this was real, but as it went on, I got the idea. Great parody and yes, he is finally telling the truth. lol

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