2 thoughts on “Obama’s Sandy Hook Scapegoat

  1. Personally, I despise censorship but I do advocate responsibility in media. That includes cinema, TV, video games and music. It isn’t the person absorbing it, it should be the common sense of the creators. Just in movies alone the glorification of violence with no adverse consequence is a 24/7 bloodfest! Mix that with the 6-8 hours a day of COD4 Black Ops I and II which are now almost total immersion experiences and yes, I believe you’ll get desensitized to the idea of human carnage in a fantasy sense. Have some young minds on an SSRI to boot and we’re looking at a potential spree shooter. That might just be how the cookie crumbles though. There are 300 million people in the US. How many have been killed during a mass shooting? I would venture to bet that more people are killed by the police annually than are killed in mass shootings. Some would say that the people killed by the police had it coming. I would also venture to say that most died because of excessive force. This is a rapidly growing trend in the US as well and I don’t hear for the cops to become disarmed in any way. If they somehow do disarm the general public, you might as well get ready for an unthinkable and short future thereafter!

  2. Obama needs to be told it is day or night.. Something is fundamentally wrong with his thought processes, and every time one of the Rothschild/zionist crowd walks out of the White House, they have a smirk on their face from being given the keys to the treasury and the military by our CEO, Obummer.

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