Object Falls Out Of The Sky In Norfolk VA And Sparks Extraterrestrial Fears

Published on Aug 6, 2013 by Isaac Wilee

Something odd fell from the sky and landed in a Norfolk neighborhood. It happened in the 2900 block of Somerset Lane in Ocean View just after 6:00 p.m. Tuesday July 31. People living close to the object were evacuated and the power was turned off 3 blocks in every direction. After looking at photos taken by the robot, firefighters determined the package was likely a weather balloon possibly from NASA’s Wallops Island on the Eastern Shore.

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10 thoughts on “Object Falls Out Of The Sky In Norfolk VA And Sparks Extraterrestrial Fears

  1. That’s no UFO, it’s a smashed box on the ground.


  2. FEAR???…… HELLO ????

    Fear the cops, fear the military, fear the government…..

    They have been around for thousands of years….
    they have hurt no one.

    In fact, they DISARMED MISSILES (that our military built)….

    I’d say they we have NOTHING to fear when it comes to aliens.

  3. They turned the power off for three blocks?

    BTW: When I ask a question it is usually in a WTF way.

    1. Easy question, uL.

      They were afraid the aliens might use our power grid to jump start their ship’s reactor.

    1. Them aliens are watching us – they got their eye on us all. They are so big that we cannot even see them. and that is big

  4. ALL that money that was spent on ALL those first responders is coming from ALL the people’s wallets. Shaking my head at the shear panic …

    . . .

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