Occupy Every Port for the 4th of July

The neo-con arm of the propaganda machine is now hyping the slogan, “If the government would just give blanket approval for any and all drilling in the United States, gas prices would fall.”  I am beginning to wonder if every special interest group is now writing its own commercial news and paying to have it put in the mainstream.

The US is now exporting more petroleum products than it is importing.  If it were the law that all oil and natural gas taken from our lands had to be sold in the United States up to the point that we are meeting our demands 100% domestically, we would be paying about a dime a gallon for the gas for our cars and 20 cents for the diesel for our tractors.  This being said, the price of our food and energy would also be minute compared to what we are paying today.

The hard cold fact staring us right in the face is that all of our natural resources are being removed as fast as is humanly possible.  And these proposals for more drilling and pipelines will serve only to accomplish the theft at a higher rate and with less expense for the thieves.

We must stop the rape of our resources, especially those which are non-renewable; no matter what the propagandists try to sell us through their 24/7 commercial they call the news.  We are still the richest country on the planet.  This as the majority of our people continue every day to have less and less.  We cannot afford to ignore this problem any further.

If the Occupy Movement wants to cut through the crap and bring the elitist 1% to task, the solution is simple.  Start spreading the word now.  Occupy every US port on the 4th of July and refuse to leave until the theft is stopped and the arrests of the thieves have begun.  This is where our power lies and we can accomplish this task, solely as individuals.  We do not have to construct a list of demands or join with any socialist movement.  Simply occupying the ports will say all we have to say to these unspeakable bastards.

50 million of our people are living in deep poverty and more from our middle class are joining them every day as the elite effectively are spitting in our faces.  No protest anywhere can have the effect of a 4th of July Port Occupation.  If we truly intend to put an end to the outrage this theft of our resources represents, I promise you, this occupation will make the issue impossible to ignore any further.

So, every individual American of the American race must start talking to every other individual, not to coerce but to put forth the information necessary to procure the individual’s righteous indignation and determination.  An army constructed of freedom thinking individuals cannot be stopped.

If it is to be violence, I promise you our enemies will initiate that violence when we stop the flow of the spice.  And if they do attack us we will destroy them utterly while maintaining the moral high ground.  Who could claim righteousness in being against the owners of property stopping the theft thereof?  Think about it.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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