0 thoughts on “Occupy LA Rejects the National Defense Authorization Act

  1. I’ve been checking in with Occupy Los Angeles & Occupy Long Beach in person. I’ve also been making contact with the other Occupy movement camps in the U.S online. One thing is for is for sure we really need to get our priority issues and demands on a board and present it to these official’s. I’ve also been finding out that there are illegal immigrants and supporters involved too. These illegal’s could seriously hurt our cause to restore and take back our country here in the states. It’s time for legal U.S citizens to take this movement over from here in the states before it goes bad. Their priorities need to be tuned. These protesters want illegals to stay and they want jobs too. WTF are they talking about?

    Phil. B

    1. Phil B.,
      The potential power of the Occupy movement is unsurpassed by anything ever seen in our nation’s history. And every two bit scum bag socialist, legal and illegal alike, is going to try to glom onto that power. Unfortunately for them, the patriotic Americans of the American race outnumber them thousands to one.
      This being said, it is simple, we just do not allow it. If there are illegals at these protests, the American citizens need to identify them as criminals and demand their arrest and deportation.
      Except for the illegals, we all need to put our differences aside and regain control of our country. Once this is accomplished and we have our Republic back under the laws of our Constitution, we can settle our differences among ourselves within the bounds of our Constitution, wherein socialism is by definition constructive treason.
      It might be fashionable to go out in the streets and spout Marxism, but I promise you once we patriots regain control, there is going to be no place for a socialist to hide. They will find their asses on deportation barges.
      Socialism has failed completely in Europe and yet ignorant morons in this country advocate to have this failed system of government here. In fact the only problem with our government is that it has been infiltrated by socialist insurgents who have put injunctions on the laws in our Constitution that protect us and make us prosperous.
      If any thinking person just reads the Constitution and understands it, they know socialism cannot offer the individual freedoms and riches guaranteed to the citizens of the US.
      In short, they are in reality one world communists and hence the scourge on this planet.

      Another solution to this illegal alien problem would be for ten or twenty patriotic protesters showing up wearing their magic green hats.

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