Occupy Oakland Protesters Attacked in the Streets

The Occupy movement has made it back into the mainstream via confrontations with the US Gestapo in Oakland.  It is good to see the protesters adapting in the face of the ever increasing violence being committed against them by the treasonous authorities attempting to enforce the dictates of the corporate elite.  Signs do indeed make formidable shields.

The protesters in Oakland actually maneuvered to lock their shields when they were fired upon by police who were shooting tear gas canisters, concussion grenades, bean bags, and rubber bullets.  The mainstream propagandists are reporting that the protesters were attempting to occupy an empty building and this is why force was used upon them.  If you examine the footage from Oakland you will see the police aggressively attacking the protesters who were merely marching down a street.

Of course the propagandists are trying to portray the attacks by the police as justified because the protesters threw rocks and bottles.  But then, through their various Freudian slips, they put forth the truth which is that the protesters did not start throwing things until the police opened up on them.

We have already seen one Iraqi veteran severely injured when shot in the head with a tear gas canister.  They call bean bags and rubber bullets non-lethal force; however there are many incidents of death as a result of applications of these weapons.  To call a stun grenade non-lethal, is a damnable lie.  These are grenades made to blast eardrums out and if one lands too close to a person it can kill them.  They are bombs.

Look at it this way.  If a protester threw a concussion bomb into a crowd of police, he or she would be arrested as a terrorist and be facing time in a federal penitentiary, or even execution if a police officer were killed.

Anyone who cannot see that the stage is being set to unleash lethal attacks on peaceful protesters in the United States is a fool.

We are sovereign citizens of the United States.  We are supposed to be the government of our country.  With the Patriot Act (signed into law), the National Defense Authorization Act (signed into law), and the Expatriation Act (not yet signed into law) we are being reduced to an underclass that can be dealt with using whatever methods the elitist class choose.

This new classification can only exist if we allow it.  That is to say by our inalienable rights, which no government has the authority to relieve us of under any circumstances.  We have the right to defend ourselves, even if that means we must meet force with equal force.  Everyone needs to adjust to this reality.

When the spring comes necessity dictates there will be a massive escalation of the resistance against the corporate elitist tyranny.  And I promise you the more we resist, the harder our enemies will clamp down as this is the way of the tyrant.  Of course history has proven that this scenario always leads to the violent destruction of the oppressor by the oppressed masses.

We must proceed as a united force while staying individuals as our individuality, coupled with our numbers, represents a force that cannot be conquered.  The movement needs to start focusing on Occupy the Media as the mainstream propaganda machine and the US Gestapo represent the frontline troops of the elite, who intend, in working in coalition with one another, to inflict police state tyranny upon we the people, while minimizing dissent from the as yet unaffected population for as long as possible.

The mainstream propaganda machine is our enemy and the longer we wait to take that enemy to task, the more we will suffer for our lack of diligence.  The fraud will continue in the election process and as we here on the internet continue to report on the duplicity, the truth of the situation is going to keep becoming more and more inevitable.

If the elite push us to the wall in denying us a peaceful solution through the election of Dr. Ron Paul, we are going to be faced with a choice absolute this summer.  Fight or acquiesce to slavery.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. One good thing is that the predictions from the elite saying that the protests would end when Winter started have been proven totally wrong. Spring will only show even larger crowds of protestors. I agree with you, this Summer will be make or break time for our Republic.

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