Occupy Protesters Succeeding in West Coast Port Shutdowns

The neo-con propagandists have launched a full scale attack on the Occupy protesters.  At first it seemed the game plan was to try to ignore the protests and diminish their meaning through a propaganda campaign that said the protesters are only a handful, they are having no effect, and it looks like they are finished.  The mainstream coverage coming up on the 12th of December and the port occupations was sparse at best, again, putting forth the contention that it really wasn’t that big of a deal.

Well evidently the Shut Down the Ports protests are having a real effect as the mainstream propagandists have now changed their tune and are calling the protesters anti-Christmas, saying that Christmas gifts will not be delivered on time and that the only people they are hurting are their brothers and sisters in the 99%, and that the port shutdowns are having no effect on the 1%.

Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.  Who in the hell do they think they are going to fool with this line?  If the only ones being hurt were the 99%, we wouldn’t hear a word about it, just like we hear nothing about the 28 million long term unemployed and the 46 million living in deep poverty.

No, these shutdowns are hurting the 1% as they are stopping the flow of the spice, hence the flow of our stolen natural resources out of our country and the import of the Chinese junk coming back.  It is hurting the 1% as evidenced by the multi-million dollar corporate talking heads on FOX, who are literally frothing at the mouth in trying to convince us how the protests are not affecting them.

The Occupation of the Ports is absolutely the most effective strategy that could have possibly been employed by the movement at this stage.  The only thing that could have made it better is if it had been an occupation of every port in our nation.

Protesters do not be discouraged in any way.  You are succeeding.  The socialist labor unions are now showing their true colors and joining with their neo-con brethren in opposition to the protests, exposing the truth of the one party elitist system.

The propagandists are telling stories about the poor dock workers who are going to lose a day’s pay because of the port shutdowns.  I tell you this, considering the millions living in abject misery as a result of the transfer of wealth from the 99% to the 1%, and in considering the ongoing attack on the middle class, if our brothers and sisters working in the ports are not willing to make this small sacrifice for the Republic and the Constitution, then they have chosen their side and can suffer the fate of their masters.

Personally I do not believe this propaganda one bit as the middle class people working at those docks have to know that their jobs are next and that they have to fight as a part of the 99% or resign themselves to being slaves.

Protesters know; we the American people of the American race, your people, support you absolutely as you are the front line patriotic troops in this revolution for the reinstitution of our Republic under our Constitution and you are hurting our enemies.  And the more propaganda they throw out saying otherwise, the more is the measure of your success.  Keep fighting and soon we will all be standing together as we crush the international corporate elite that are eating out our substance and attempting to enslave us.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. Among the arrests at the Port of Houston, police say eight of the arrests were for “use of a criminal instrument, a felony, because they used PVC pipe to connect themselves together.” Huh? A Felony for using PVC to connect themselves? Wow, unless it’s being used as a club, I had no idea that PVC pipe was a “criminal instrument.”

    1. Yeah! Right! Forgot about that….how could I have overlooked such a vital fact? Must be the effects of exponentially increasing financial stress combined with the excessive volume of negative information bombarding my brain daily.

      Thank you for that enlightening piece of information.

  2. Hey that koontz guy is wrong, the vacuum gauge will not return to normal after an rpm increase of 2000 sorry to clutter your page, he is wrong !

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