Occupy the Mainstream Media – Public Enemy Number One

122,255 votes cast in Iowa’s Republican caucus, 248,485 in New Hampshire’s primary, for a total of 370,740 votes cast, and it is decided, Mitt Romney will be the GOP candidate for the 2012 Presidential Election.  That’s right, 370,740 people have made the choice for 300 million.  Don’t laugh.  This is the false reality being put forth via the mainstream propaganda machine.  They have even began speculating as to who will be Romney’s running mate and matching Romney against Obama in their absolutely accurate opinion polls.

Never in the history of this nation has been there been such a concerted effort to shove a lie down the people’s throats.  What kind of arrogance does it take to think you can just put forth a dictate over the airwaves and enforce it through the adage of “talk to the hand?”

Voter fraud backed by propaganda…is this how they think they are going to quell the dissent of we the people?  And what if we try to defy our televisions, they will send in the army to force us to accept their dictates or be subject to indefinite detention or summary execution?

American people of the American race, it is time to occupy the mainstream propaganda machine.  Fill the streets and make them walk past you as you shout them down for the treasonous corporate owned lying pigs they are.

In reality it is the press that is accommodating our oppression.  They need to be dealt with and dealt with now.  They consist of the biggest bunch of cowards to ever draw air and are counting on the police state to protect them while they commit treachery upon our Republic.  They are our enemies and if we are to go forth in reinstituting the Republic, they must be dealt with.  And when we have regained our laws under our Constitution, they must be severely punished.

When our old people are beaten in our streets, they come out front and center to defend the US Gestapo.  When the industrial war complex wants to send more of our young people into the meat grinders around the world, they proclaim the righteousness of international murder.  When the international corporate mafia steals $30 trillion from us, they cover it up.  When they want to stop us from making peaceful change, they stand as a roadblock between us and that reality.

They are the lowest of the low and in the end their punishment must be the harshest imaginable.  They are aggressive toward we the people and hold our freedoms and liberties in complete contempt.

After the fall of Nazi Germany the propagandists who accommodated and perpetuated that murderous rampage, were not brought to justice, and that was a mistake.  We must let these treasonous enemies of mankind know that we will not allow an international court to touch them, because their asses belong to us and their souls to the devil.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. Awww gee we just gotta stop picking on the elitists! I mean shouldn’t we be helping with the real problems in the world? I mean look at those poor stockbrokers in HK, they had their two hour lunch break reduced to 90 minutes, and now they want to take another 30 minutes away! We must help these poor stockbrokers in Hong Kong before we even think of being selfish and trying to help ourselves! ……. NOT!!!


    HK stockbrokers protest plan to trim lunch break

    Several hundred Hong Kong stockbrokers have marched to the city’s stock exchange to protest plans to trim their lunch break between morning and afternoon trading sessions to an hour.

    The stockbrokers carried placards Thursday denouncing the plan to shorten the break by 30 minutes. Rally leaders handed a letter of protest to exchange officials.

    The shorter lunch break is set to take effect in March and is the second phase of a plan to extend trading hours. Last year it was cut to 90 minutes from two hours.

    Stock exchange officials say they need to bring trading hours in line with international rivals. But brokers say they need the time to meet with clients and attend IPO presentations.

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  2. You’re right about the propagandists having to pay for the wrongs they’re spewing over the air Henry. Nothing will be more satisfying than seeing this bunch of cowards pay for what they have done to this country. They talk of the reestablishing of our Constitution, when in reality they are using this talk to keep a legitimate tone to their garbage. I can’t believe how far we have fallen.

    God help our children and grandchildren understand what is going on here. We no longer teach our children the truth in school. Public schools have turned on the kids and are teaching garbage. They have rewritten the history books to divert away from our founders’ real intentions.

    1. They have indeed been very cold and calculating in their attack and we have to understand they plan fifty years into the future. There is only one way to deal with a mad rabid dog. It must be put down, not out of meanness or cruelness, but out of necessity.

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