#OccupyInfowars is Calling ALL Real Patriots and Defenders of Liberty to Support Us

Occupy Infowars

For many years Alex Jones and Infowars have been informing the public about what’s really happening in the world, how the world really works.

However, since 2016 Alex Jones and Infowars have reduced their reporting to the left vs right, Republicans vs Democrats and conservatives vs liberals paradigms – completely breaking away from their original stances.

This is NOT why we, hundreds of thousands of readers and viewers from around the world, have been subscribing to Alex Jones and Infowars for all those years.

We DEMAND that Alex returns to the original style of reporting, the original purpose of Infowars.

Alex knows very well that by keeping his readers and viewers confined to the above paradigms, we are not going to win any battles against “the elites” and “the globalists”, as Alex calls them. It is completely impossible that Alex is not aware of this or does not understand that.

We DEMAND respect for our years of loyalty. It is because of us, that Alex has what he has and that Infowars is what it is today. We have been promoting his website and platform all these years. Without us, there would not be an Infowars with the reach that it has today.


This #OccupyInfowars initiative does not have a central ‘leadership’, it was initiated by a group of Infowars readers and viewers who have had enough of the low quality reporting and weak stances by Alex and Infowars.

We invite all Infowars readers and viewers to join us on November 5, 2020 as we will march on the Infowars studio and occupy the entrance of the Infowars studio in Austin, Texas.

If Alex doesn’t go back to the original Infowars on his own then we will force him to do so.

Of course, there are many, many others who also have their own opinions about Alex Jones and Infowars and who have their own reasons to protest against the current Infowars platform – different from why we, loyal readers and viewers, DEMAND a change of course at Infowars.

Whatever your reasons are, why you disagree with or possibly even hate Infowars, we want you too to join us on November 5, 2020.

We anticipate that hundreds of people will be there that day because we personally know that many people who also have had enough of this insanity and dishonesty and who are supporting the #OccupyInfowars campaign. We hope, however, that we can mobilize thousands of people on November 5 because only that will give Alex the clear message that he obviously needs to hear.

We DEMAND that Alex will address us on November 5, 2020. We demand that Alex will make a statement on that day wherein he acknowledges his mistakes and wherein he promises to immediately switch back to the original Infowars stances and quality of reporting.

Infowars has become a very influencial news outlet that is reaching millions of people but right now it is doing more damage than that it creates properly informed minds. This has to stop and it must stop on November the 5th. We will continue this campaign overnight at the Infowars studio and for as many days as it is needed, until Alex comes to terms with the reality.

Support and Join the #OccupyInfowars Campaign

We do not want your money, we are not collecting donations or anything like that. We just want you to SHOW UP on November 5 at the Infowars studio and force Alex to switch back to the original style of reporting and the original stances at Infowars.

Alex KNOWS that by entertaining ourselves in these false paradigms we are only chasing our own tails. Let’s remind him of the fact that we know, let’s remind him who we are REALLY fighting against. Clearly, Alex is confused or scared. Let’s remind him what all of this is REALLY about!


And… Alex… WAKE the F*CK UP MAN!!

Occupy Infowars

9 thoughts on “#OccupyInfowars is Calling ALL Real Patriots and Defenders of Liberty to Support Us

  1. You idiots would have better luck at getting the Communist House of (Mis-)Representatives, the Zionist Senate, and the shadow government’s White House to turn over a new leaf to always be honest, transparent, serve the people and enforce the Bill of Rights.

  2. All I could think of while reading this is; Alex Jones is the one behind this “counter protest” from infowars diehards who feel betrayed.

    Fkn hilarious, why are u protesting an entertainment business, one obviously being run by at best a fkn sell out and more probable a counter intelligence agent of the highest order.

    Jones = Tory Militia..!

    DTTNWO and we here mean that, not DTTNWO and then visit our online store and by boner juice pills.

    Fk u traitor Alex Jones and all who support him and his fraudulent pose piper bs propaganda.

    BOR and Common Law

  3. 5th of November, eh? Gee, are you folks who love wasting your time going to wear “V for Vendetta” masks?

    This dude has been lying through his teeth since (likely before) he made the most ridiculous statement I’ve ever heard from an “alt-media” person–“The Arabs own Hollywood.” Which was what….20 or so years ago?

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