Off Grid Log Cabin with Moss Roof – Cruck Frame Shelter (Overnight Camp)

Published on Nov 30, 2018

I head to a bushcraft log cabin in the forest which was built as a cruck frame shelter. I do an overnight camp and explore the forest with Ben and Lewis from BandL bushcraft. We start work on the cruck frame shelter as soon as we arrive in the forest. They started building the off grid rustic log cabin just over a year ago and it’s come along way. As their bushcraft and shelter building skills have developed, so has the cabin. During the afternoon I set up the polish canvas lavvu and the boys set up their shelters. As evening draws we get a camp fire going and cook lunch. When it gets dark we move the camp fire into the tiny Log Cabin that ben and lewis had built and we cook up more food over the fire! The next day we awake to fresh late autumn weather. We then scavenge for hazel saplings with the axe and use these as wattle to create the wall for the cruck frame shelter. This gives it all a stronger foundation. In the later stages of the day we use birch logs to create the rafters for the roof, which Ben and Lewis will eventually put a moss roof on to make it a living roof. On the inside of the off grid cabin Ben and Lewis have decided to make raised beds using some large logs and flat pieces of wood, this will be an ongoing building project. Follow them on instagram to keep up to date with their build! Thanks for joining me on this 2 day adventure

2 thoughts on “Off Grid Log Cabin with Moss Roof – Cruck Frame Shelter (Overnight Camp)

  1. Thanks Mark. I love watching these types of videos. It’s wonderful to see young men planning and executing projects like these.

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