Officer uses Taser to subdue 80-year-old man

SWAT officer uses Taser to subdue 80-year-old photoKIRO TV 7 – by Kevin McCarty

MILTON, Wash. — A SWAT officer used a Taser to subdue an armed 80-year-old man after he charged at him in his wheelchair shouting, “I have nothing to live for.”

The Metro Pierce County SWAT team was called to a senior citizen’s apartment complex in Milton around noon Tuesday after reports that man was suicidal and armed with a handgun.

Officers evacuated several apartments, but before they could contain the suspect he left the complex in his electric wheelchair.

He was spotted about two blocks away trying to hide in some bushes. When an officer approached him the man charged toward him in the chair, said spokesman Pierce County Sheriff’s Detective Ed Troyer.

“They did find a handgun on him. He had what appeared to be a semiautomatic 9mm handgun tucked into a makeshift holster,” Troyer said.

The man was taken into custody and transported to a hospital in Tacoma for observation because of the use of a Taser to subdue him. Officers said even though he was 80 and in a wheelchair, the man still posed a serious safety threat.

“It didn’t make him any less dangerous than anyone else who’s armed and depressed and suicidal,” Troyer said.

One thought on “Officer uses Taser to subdue 80-year-old man

  1. Folks, the man lives in Tacoma. He is in a wheelchair. He is eighty-years-old. Why the hell shouldn’t he have a gun? The place is full of people who would LOVE to victimize someone like him. He can’t run fast enough to get away from a potential mugging, let alone being old and considered ‘Social Security rich’ .
    His neighbors made a mistake asking the cops for help. They should have summoned medical for him, instead. He fled in his wheelchair for a reason. He probably is frustrated by all of the stories about cops who shoot first and then call for medical help later.
    The images on KIRO of taser gun darts with copper wires sticking out of his forehead was enough to verify this claim. Cops are trained to shoot twice to the torso and once to the head…usually between the eyes.
    We are seeing ADAM 12 turned into Storm Troopers or SS Guards. It is very difficult now to tell the difference between an Army soldier in full gear and a ‘peace officer’ in traditional shirt, hat, and tie.

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