Officers Receive Hundreds of Death Threats After Gunning Down Man’s Dog

Mr. Conservative – by Kristin Tate

Three police officers have been receiving death threats against them and their families after shooting a dog.

On Sunday, the officers appeared in a video in which one shoots and kills the dog as they arrested its owner in Hawthorne. The video went viral online, which led to the death threats the cops are being inundated with. For their own safety, the three were pulled from street duty on Wednesday.

The threats were delivered via phone, Facebook, and in emails.

During the taped incident took place at 137th Street and Jefferson Avenue. The Rottweiler of an arrested homeowner was extremely aggressive towards one of the officers as he handcuffed its owner, Leon Rosby — in response, the officer shot and killed it. Rosby was being arrested for causing a disturbance during a two-hour police operation to arrest a robber holed up in a house.

As of Wednesday evening, the video had about 3 million views.

Hawthorne police Lt. Scott Swain said, “I understand that people have been affected by this video. Anyone would be. The police officers involved are affected by this incident and having to kill a dog. I don’t understand how it translates into an eye for an eye. ‘We are going to kill you and your family because of this incident.’ Like in my case. I wasn’t even working that night.”

Swain has been the target of some of the threats, simply for appearing in the news to talk about the incident. His phone has been ringing off the hook.

He said, “There’s a lot of calls coming in where people are calling us names and dog killers. They are entitled to their opinions and to make comments like that, but where you cross the line is when you make the threat against the safety of police officers and police officers’ family members.”

Some of the threats are so bad that they have been deemed “valid” and are currently under investigation by law enforcement agencies.

Swain continued, “There’s been death threats. You’d like to believe that maybe some of the people are just venting, but then you’ve got to be realistic — there are crazy people out there.”

Although Swain refused to get specific, he said “the department has taken actions to make sure that the officers that are receiving the deaths threats are protected and are safe.”


Hawthorne Police Chief Robert Fager put out a statement saying, “I wish to reassure all that this matter is being addressed in the most appropriate manner demanded and afforded. I ask for all to look no farther than into our own community for the true reality of our partnerships and efforts that we apply daily in safeguarding our citizens. The Hawthorne Police Department will be accountable to its constituents and to our actions — please allow us to fulfill such. We truly sympathize with the feelings and impact suffered by all who have witnessed this incident.”

On the Hawthorne Police Department’s Facebook page, thousands of people have posted angry and threatening messages regarding the dog shooting. Such messages have even been posted on photos that show officers reading to children and talking to senior citizens. Before the dog incident, the Facebook page served primarily as a place for police to offer crime prevention tips.

Screen shot 2013-07-05 at 12.05.06 PM

On Facebook user, Matthew Metcalf, wrote, “I hope the officer is proud of himself. I hope he has crying children at home wondering why they have such an evil father. And I hope the rest of his family disowns him. He deserves no better than a life of shame, poverty and hatred from everyone. You have single handled disgusted the entire country!”

One old post on the page honored police Officer Andrew Garton ,who was killed two years ago in a motorcycle crash. The post became littered with nasty comments.

Another, Eric Beasley, wrote, “Better to have served honorable and died early, than to have been part of a department so full of greed and corruption. Enjoy your time in Heaven, Officer Garton.

Daniel Drobish wrote, “If your boys like playing with their guns so much, we should ship THEM over to Afghanistan. Then GOOD men and women won’t have to die!”

On an old post about the “Coffee with a Cop” program, Facebook user Keith McMahon wrote, “Throw the hot coffee in their faces!!!” He then posted a second comment that said, “I’ll have coffee with ya! I’ll poison you so you die a slow painful death … !”

Debra Smith wrote, “I will have coffee with these cops, if the coffee is heated to boiling and I can pour it on their trigger fingers.”

15 thoughts on “Officers Receive Hundreds of Death Threats After Gunning Down Man’s Dog

  1. Oooo that is one angry community and no mistake and to be honest, you reap what you sow and whatever else it might make the police think twice before taking the safety off. Don’t they have dog restraints over there? Loops on a pole for just such a reason?

    Hope they haven’t got any hot weather incoming… thats when anger becomes action usually.

  2. Street justice for that police department. They are going to protect them c*ck sucker cops? F` them they need to be held to justice. This makes my blood boil even more when they give them pigs 24 hr. protectection. They are harboring/protecting god damned criminals and they are accomplices. 24 my ass. Them cops have street justice coming to them bastards along with anyone that supports them F`ers. WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND AND THOSE COPS ARE NOT IMMUNE TO THAT WAY OF THINKING. F*ck them cops and their families and their GD co-workers if they protect them that were on sight of this incident. We all cannot let them cop/ LEO`s get away with this if they were there and didn`t do anything to prevent this from happening. Anything less than the max in the general population – because they are damned cops – is not enough. Better yet, I hope them cops are let off completely so that we people can carry out real justice on their pig asses. Lets F them cops to send a damned message like they always like to do to the people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. My only concern is when the SHTF the criminal ‘officers’ will be the first to run and hide. 🙁

  4. EVERY PIG IN AMERICA,is nothing but a lieing whore,ZACHARIA 5,states,anyone who took an OATH to god and did LIE will be going to hell,and besides YOU HAVE TO REMEMBER,demons can’t hide from a DOG,thats why they always shoot them,the dog knows who they are right away, even if its owner don’t………so now you understand why these pieces of shit kill your dogs……………the LORD says the WAR will last just over a year,so get ready and hit them low,then you can save them for dog food,yes your dogs will be hungry too….and if you get surrounded by these demons,CALL on the NAME OF THE LORD,remember he don’t like them either,BUT he won’t help you UNLESS you call out his name for help…..and all you dumb asses,…just remember when your surrounded,your screwed,you could have had the LORDS help to,but no you chose the loser LUCIFER……………………….

  5. very scarey threats… oh, the sheeple are going to come get the bad guys… so scared! if those threaters had balls, they’d …. his house and when the …. came running out his back door they’d …. Disclaimer, the blanks are as follows: spruce up, citizen’s protector, salute him for his astute duty…

  6. THATS really funny THE HAWTHORNE police gang chief,says the town can count on him taking care of this,hahaha,like telling his fagots in blue they did a good job,shooting that dog,MAKES you wonder just how many dogs they have shot that weren’t on video,probaly quite a few,demons are scared of dogs you know ,that why very few cops can have one who don’t run away the first chance it gets, IN my lifetime I’ve never known a police family who were worth 10 cents,every kid in the family was even a bigger piece of shit then their pig parents..,ONE REALLY good thing,GOD will not let any of these demons from hell get into HEAVEN,to ruin it for everyone else,I can’t think of anyone who would consider HEAVEN to be PARADISE,if their was one PIG there with them….america is finaly discovering who these godless demons really are now……….in dieing color……………….

  7. The ONLY thing these @ssholes know anymore is guns. No tasers, batons, pepper spray. Just guns.

    I can’t wait to see how much they’ll like guns once the SHTF, and there are millions of pissed off Americans looking for them.


  8. Notice how the news video keeps playing the part where the dog owner jerks the lead to pull to dog away from what he was sniffing in an attempt to demonize him and take away the focus from the filthy police’s actions in executing the dog. The dog was clearly no threat and they could have very easily picked up the lead and put the dog in the man’s car. They probably shot the dog as they didn’t want to deal with it after they arrested the man. They are truly disgusting, the only thing I am upset about is there is no where near this sort of reaction hen police execute people which happens quite regularly now days… God bless us all…

  9. Cops all over the country are turning into ego filled psycho pr#@ks with a gun and a badge.They are doing this stuff and more everywhere now.The police state has grown to the point where they have no fear of anything really happening to them except for a promotion.The real problem they have is that more and more people are seeing them for what they really are,traitors to the Constitution and nothing more than a hired mercenary with a squad car. Militarized pigs are the largest street gang in amerika now working hand in hand with DHS and the military! There is a storm brewing of epic proportions!

  10. This guy was 50 feet away from the action, and exercising his first article right to tell these cops they’re a bunch of a-holes. I think they probably got mad and shot his dog to “teach him a lesson”. I hope someone makes good on the death threats, because I’m tired of these stinking pig bastards running around shooting people’s dogs.

    My dog is very friendly, so if some cop shoots him, I have to assume that I’m in immediate grave danger from an armed lunatic, and I’ll defend myself accordingly.

    1. Sadly, the criminal cops who do this crap will be the first ones to run and hide while the reputable LEOs will be left in the line of fire. Thinking this is being deliberately set up as such by ‘you know who’.

  11. Shoot my dog, you’ve just committed suicide. It’s time to shoot back at the out of control cops. CITIZEN safety takes precedence over officer safety.

  12. The worst part is it’s a cop with a past. He’s already cost tax payers a million.
    Hawthorne police officer who killed dog has a past charge of police brutality
    In the case of Goodrow vs Hawthorne, Officer Jeffrey Salmon was one of seven Hawthorne Police Department officers charged with alleged deprivation of civil rights resulting from excessive force, denial of medical treatment and malicious prosecution, stemming from an incident that occurred at a party on July 21, 2006.
    Hawthorne Police Department settled the lawsuit for one million dollars in case CV-07-5253 (VBV) on the eve of the trail on US District Court, Central District of California, the Honorable Judge Valerie Baker Fairbank presiding.

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