“Official” 911 Narrative Destroyed Using Amazing Close-up Photos of 911 Scrubbed From Internet

Before It’s News – by Look Up Wake Up

I‘ve managed to locate two very different versions of the “plane strike” video of the South Tower on 911 and posted them both below in looped playback.

One is the ORIGINAL LIVE version filmed from a helicopter and the other is the DOCTORED version of the video shown non stop on CNN et al.

When played side by side, the truth speaks for itself.

Please share this far and wide.

How many of you still believe two airliners passed straight through the Twin Towers on 911… and came out the other side as depicted?

Look at the damage a single BIRD can do to a hollow aluminum airliner:


And yet you still believe that on 911 two hollow aluminum airliners cut straight through the regularily spaced 14 inch steel columns as well as the steel reinforced concrete floors and walls of the Twin Towers and came out the other side???

If so… you are a fool!

The truth is that the airliners would never have made it past the first row of 14 inch steel beams one meter apart surrounding the Tower… yet every video you have ever seen of 911 has shown the airliners being entirely devoured by the Towers… even coming out the other side!


We were repeatedly shown the same DOCTORED videos and CGI images of animated jets slamming into the Towers over and over and over  till we bought into the “official” story without question.

Aluminum airliners are made out of aluminum foil for crying out loud!!!

The modern day civilian transportation airliner is made out of aluminum and is hollow, similar to an aluminum can. If shot into a concrete and steel reinforced wall, an aluminum can would be crushed on impact and fall to the ground.

Fact is… there is NO WAY an aluminum jet could cut through a reinforced concrete and steel structure.

The plane, if there was one, would have telescoped into it’s self upon impact, the wings and the tail sections would have seperated from the fuselage, and the whole thing would have fallen to the street below!

Even the engines would have probably fallen to the ground outside following impact.

The steel columns would have barely been deformed!


Now using actual photographs and videos which have since been scrubbed from the Internet, you will see PROOF with your own eyes that NO PLANES penetrated or passed through the Twin Towers.

Read the rest here: https://beforeitsnews.com/9-11-and-ground-zero/2020/09/official-911-narrative-destroyed-using-amazing-close-up-photos-of-911-scrubbed-from-internet-share-2442789.html

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