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Ohio kindergarten student, 6, walks into school with a gun and bullets in his pants

Daily Mail

A handgun has been confiscated from an Ohio kindergartner walking into school after someone reported that the six-year-old boy appeared to have a heavy object in his pants.

Columbus police didn’t disclose whether the gun was loaded Friday when it was safely taken from a student at Columbus Africentric Early College.   

A photo shared by police showed bullets with the seized firearm.

‘School staff was advised by a caller that a student was walking in with what appeared to be a heavy object in their pants,’ police said.

‘The student was encountered at the entry door and a handgun was quickly recovered from the student.’

Police say the boy won’t be charged because he’s so young. They’re investigating where he got the weapon.

WBNS-TV reports a principal said in a letter to parents that the student ‘will face appropriate discipline’ but didn’t specify what that would be.

Principal Tyree Pollard reiterated the Columbus schools’ zero-tolerance policy on weapons and urged families to talk with children about keeping such items out of schools.

‘The consequences of having a weapon outside of school can be even more extreme. Whether in the neighborhood or at home, young people at every age need to understand the dangers of having a gun, taser, or other type of weapon – even fake ones that look real,’ Pollard wrote, according to WBNS-TV.

‘We need families to have thoughtful age-appropriate conversations about the types of items that are never appropriate to bring to school.’


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7 Responses to Ohio kindergarten student, 6, walks into school with a gun and bullets in his pants

  1. Enemy of the State says:

    I think this is a lie
    I don’t believe a bit of it
    I’m actually thinking they made this shit all up

  2. freedom paluzza says:

    “Columbus Africentric Early College” Is that what you now call “kindergarten?” Is this where you teach little children about “white privilege” and how ‘whitey’ is a no good, Euro-trash oppressor? Maybe this little guy got fed up with all the lies and wanted to do something about this ‘educational process?’

  3. Mark Schumacher in LV says:

    There have been cops who bring loaded firearms into a classroom teaching the kids about the dangers of guns. Yep, you guessed it, they accidently fire the damn thing off, shooting themselves in the damn foot. Cant make this sht up.


  4. Ed Teach says:

    Its a stock glock. So the kid got it from someone with no taste and too much money but not enough money to get better sights and grip or slide improvements.

  5. c. walker says:

    kid who knows his rights.

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