Ohio Man Arrested With Bombs and AR-15 Was Intel Analyst With Top Secret Clearance

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In an odd twist of events an Ohio man was arrested after a traffic stop on New Year’s Day which lead an officer to uncover a slew of bombs, IED’s, a remote detonator, and an AR-15 rifle.

Andrew Scott Boguslawski, 43, of Moores Hill, Indiana was stopped by Trooper W. Scott Davis on westbound I-70 on January 1st, 2014 for speeding, Trooper Davis asked Boguslawksi if he had any weapons in the car to which Boguslawski replied “No.” at that time Trooper Davis noticed a small caliber pistol tucked between Boguslawski’s legs.  

Further investigation uncovered 58 small improvised initiators, 25 IED’s, a medicine bottle weighing 1.5 lb’s containing explosive materials, four incomplete improvised bombs, a remote detonator, and several loaded guns including an AR-15 rifle. Also in his possession were schematics for Muscatatuck Urban Training Center in which he was employed as a groundskeeper.

Boguslawski was trained as an Intelligence Analyst Specialist in the Army National Guard and held a Top Secret Clearance. Bogulawski has been in the Guard’s medical discharge unit since November.

Boguslawski is currently residing at the Tri-County Regional Jail on a $1 million bond.

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11 thoughts on “Ohio Man Arrested With Bombs and AR-15 Was Intel Analyst With Top Secret Clearance

  1. Seems like there are a lot of people involved with manufacturing and possessing explosive and bomb making materials. I just put up a article – if it gets posted or not – of a house that was blown to bits in Wausau Wi. the other day, they also found explosive devices in different cars all with timers ready to go off.

  2. The name says it all,…BOGUS-lawski. Sure, CIA n CIA and now the Bogus- Law-Ski. Sounds like something from a SNL skit from the 80s when they did, Da’Bears. The word Bogus-Law-Ski would be a rule call penalty against the Bears by a referee wherein the rule shouldn’t exist in the first place, “yep fellas, dats a boguslawski”. Seriously, the people making this shit up really need to get their act together and come up with more believable material.

  3. What kind of a name is Boguslawski? That’s about as real as Netanyahu or Ciancia or that Zionist terrorist Sharon who died, may he rot in Hell.

  4. I like the surprised look on his face…”I can’t believe I’ve been arrested. Somebody call my FBI handler.”

  5. Were the things in his car used for the “urban training center” to be used as simulators, or was this guy hell bent on getting rid of people who run this military training center that teaches soldiers how to raid peoples houses. Has anyone looked into what they do there?

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