11 thoughts on “OK, Karen!

  1. This video is right on point. Our brother Darzak sent this to me. Thanks Darzak!

    Darzak is doing well by the way, great guy and a true friend and patriot.

  2. I will happily go back to the 60s minus the Vietnam war, race riots and dr. approved cigarettes.The enemy has been stirring the pot for centuries now.

  3. Be warned, Karen, you are going to look pretty ridiculous and funny with a dinosaur hanging out of your ass if you ever dare to think you can piss on my rights anywhere.

  4. That’s the saddest part of this whole 2020 ordeal. When you find out how many can so easily be swayed to accept ridiculous stories so easily, as if they have read diverse books on the subjects. (If they went to college, I guess they have!)
    Most who have spent the last decade or more studying what they’ve been told to be true with skepticism, knew that most people were unaware. But to this extent?
    I recently had a discussion with a lefty woman who was highly educated. She questioned why I thought WWII was controversial because she had studied it to a great extent and didn’t think it was. I forwarded her the story of the Katyn massacre. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Katyn_massacre
    Her reply, soaked with confirmation bias, was, “So? The Russians lied.” I said yes they did for, for 45 years the German people were lied about, on this issue, and many others. Then I asked, “Isn’t that what controversy is? People holding different beliefs over the same event?
    Left leaning people have a great fear to the extent that they will not even consider opposing viewpoints. Ignorant college students protesting speakers a few years back, is a good example. Arrogant certainty will be their downfall.

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