Oklahoma: Full Slate of Pro-Gun Bills on the Docket in the Legislature


U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- 2021 has seen the introduction of a large number of pro-gun bills in the Sooner State.  A few of them are outlined below.  It is important for NRA members and Second Amendment supporters to stay active in this legislative session.  Stay updated through NRA-ILA Alerts, and at our website, www.NRAILA.org.

House Bill 1673, sponsored by Rep. Kevin West, would allow for an individual to carry a firearm in the designated bar area of a restaurant as long as that person is not consuming alcohol. 

House Bill 2401, sponsored by Rep. Todd Russ, creates a restoration of rights process that will allow those convicted of nonviolent felonies, to reestablish their Second Amendment rights following a certain period of time with a clean record.

House Bill 2475, sponsored by Rep. Wendi Stearman, would prevent the use of public funds from being used to advocate against the Second Amendment.

House Bill 2645, sponsored by Rep. Jon Echols, is an omnibus bill with clean up language for Oklahoma’s Constitutional Carry law.

Senate Joint Resolution 21 updates the state constitution to “shall not be infringed” and enhances the Second Amendment protections therein.

Senate Bill 443, sponsored by Sen. Nathan Dahm, allows for the carry of a firearm in the State Capitol by an individual with an SDA License.

Senate Bill 672, sponsored by Sen. Casey Murdock, cleans up state law to allow for the transportation of a long gun in a motor vehicle.

Senate Bill 767, sponsored by Sen. David Bullard, allows designated school personnel with an SDA License to carry a firearm for self-defense while on school grounds.

This is only a handful of the bills that have already been introduced.

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2 thoughts on “Oklahoma: Full Slate of Pro-Gun Bills on the Docket in the Legislature

  1. All fkn BS….

    These are no different than “Anti-Gun” bills …………Since there can not even be a discussion of our rights, any of them, I could care less about this criminal Corporation, I can’t recognize any legitimacy to this Faux Government no matter how it presents itself.

    totally irrelevant. Your “Laws” do not apply to us, your policies, acts, Statutes, ordinances whatever are all dust in the wind.

    1. Agreed. The second their gums start flappin about “gun laws” only means they’ve got yet another plan to dig their tentacles deeper into people’s mindset about what’s LAW and what’s “legal”. Screw their legalese yiddish.

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