Oklahoma Teenager Shoots and Kills Intruder Using 12G Shotgun, Saves His Family

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A 17 year old in Hominy, OK was forced to use a 12 gauge shotgun to defend himself, his home and his family when an intruder, suspected to have been high on drugs, tried to bust through the front door of the family home.

According to Newson6.com, a mother, whose identity has not been released, heard someone trying to gain access to her home. Her 10 year old daughter mistakenly opened the front door for the intruder, but the mother managed to force the door closed.  

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Then, the suspect punched a whole through the door in an attempt to gain entry to the home. She yelled for her 17 year old son to grab a gun, which he did.

The teen, also unidentified due to his age, fired 2 shots from a 12 gauge shotgun, hitting, and killing, the suspect, just as he managed to get his hand on the inside doorknob of the front door.

Neighbors reported seeing the suspect hanging around the neighborhood prior to the incident, acting irrationally, with one suspecting he was high on drugs.

Police say the suspect who was killed was also a minor as well and is identified as Cole Davis.

No charges have been filed in the shooting, but all findings will be presented to the district attorney for review, as is standard practice.

The mother of the 17 year old who shot the suspect says she will seek counseling for the teen, as well as the other children in the home.


7 thoughts on “Oklahoma Teenager Shoots and Kills Intruder Using 12G Shotgun, Saves His Family

  1. You won’t hear Pelosi or Obama utter a peep about this. It doesn’t promote their agenda.

  2. If this happened a few times each day there wouldn’t be any crime in this country.

    Unfortunately, we have a government that encourages crime to justify pouring their thugs onto the streets to beat us into submission. (the cops)

  3. If every household would be required to have a shotgun,a rifle, and a handgun this kind of stuff would come to a abrupt halt and I also bet that the cops would also start showing more respect to the people also.

  4. Well, it appears we have a family that took Biden’s advice.

    And it actually worked in this case.

    1. I think Biden suggested going out on a balcony and firing a shot in the air. – as if that would scare someone away.

      1. Close enough. He fired it into the air, it just happened to be in the direction of the intruder.

        As to the balcony part, I’m bettin’ they don’t have one.

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