On slavery

9 thoughts on “On slavery

  1. You know, the most astounding thing about the “black slave” issue, that no one ever talks about, who were the merchants and who were owners of the shipping companies and who were the wheelers and dealers. Why not?

    1. And then the unlawful 14th amendment declared ALL Americans “subject” to that khazarian crown. The very same corporate slave owners merely expanded their corporations. A very hostile takeover that shed only our blood. A hard rain is gonna fall and they’ll cry “persecution”, when in fact it will be prosecution. There could never be either of enough for their crimes against humanity, a group they have no claim to.

        1. I’ll be big 5-0 on Sunday. I am glad to be alive during this shite storm during my somewhat early(?) years. Young enough to have hope and old enough to be considered old, angry, armed and willing to commit.

          1. 50!! That’s half a century!! Congratulations and Happy Birthday, Martist!!! I’ll take this opportunity to thank you for all the insightful thoughts and opinions you bring to The Trenches. I learn much from you. Hope you have a wonderful birthday, even in the midst of all we’re dealing with. Have fun — in these times it’s an act of defiance. 🙂


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