One dead, home destroyed after SWAT team standoff in Allen


ALLEN, Okla. (KFOR) – A home in Allen is now destroyed after SWAT team members and Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers made their way in and killed the chase suspect inside.

Thirty-three-year-old Sean Taylor was shot and killed by an OHP trooper after leading police on a chase and barricading himself inside his house.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol tells News 4 the decision to cause damage to the home is protocol in standoff situations.

“I lost not only my son, I lost my childhood home I grew up in,” Ann Taylor said. “My son paid for this with his life. Someone should have to now pay for this home.”

It all started when Allen police tried to pull the 33 year old over in a traffic stop. Police say he refused and led officers on a chase through town, heading straight for his house.

The SWAT team, OHP and Pontotoc County Sheriff were in an all out standoff.

Twelve hours passed by without a surrender.

That’s when the tactical team moved in with their shields up and their guns drawn.

They drove their vehicle straight through the front wall.

The roof collapsed and the frame began to crumble.

Police say Taylor appeared from the attic when a trooper spotted him with a weapon and fired his own gun.

OHP tells News 4 the trooper shot an undisclosable amount of bullets. Taylor fired off none, but OHP says he did threaten the troopers.

“He wanted help, and they did not give him help,” Taylor said. “The help he got was a bullet in the head.”

OHP released a lengthy statement to News 4 on why this specific protocol was used in Allen reading:

“Porting is a tactic recognized by the National Tactical Officers Association and sometimes utilized by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol Tactical Team. It is defined as the breaching and/or removal of all obstructions/barriers within a window, door or wall and/or similar opening to allow operators to enter location, deploy Flash Sound Diversionary Device and/or safely observe and cover a room’s interior and any occupants from outside the location after porting. A suspect’s actions dictate the measures our tac team is forced to use. And all methods are utilized with the ultimate goal of bringing a situation to a peaceful end. Unfortunately, property damage is sometimes a side effect when the top priority is officer as well as suspect safety.”


2 thoughts on “One dead, home destroyed after SWAT team standoff in Allen

  1. I want to know the real reason for the traffic stop

    Tail light out Death sentence?
    We’re all fearing for our lives around these fcktards
    You don’t know what they will do , other than murder you right out

    Fck you pigs ! There’s no excuse
    You escalated this to murder

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