One Man Worth 100 BILLION – Millions Of Men With Nothing – It’s A Bad Day On Planet Earth

With a world approaching an eight billion population things had better start to change, because now millions are living like rats and they are feeding the billionaires, the billionaires have never had it so good.

It’s not a good day on Planet Earth. 

The way money is made, spent, distributed is becoming something that needs a complete overhaul for lack of a better term. I mean, look around people, we have morons with billions of dollars trying to find ways to kill the rest of us off, just so they can keep their supposed wealth. It doesn’t fit well with the other 99 percent.

As many of us age, we are finding ourselves with the prospect of living on the streets, even after working hard all of our lives, all we are doing is feeding the billionaires as they sit back dreaming of way to automate and deviate away from a God given right, the right for the rest to have a happy life.

Earning a living is a good thing, but as long as when we age we have security that frankly, many of us will never have. The wealth thing is just too unbalanced, it only favors the filthy rich, the filthy poor are screwed, this has to change.

Look at it this way, why are the billionaires given the right to a happy comfortable life when millions more work 4 times harder, die younger while living in squalid conditions, now threatened more everyday because of a lack of something called money?

Every man woman and child have the same basic DNA strand, but the difference in the way they live is as different as night and day, only because they aren’t flush with cash. This is wrong and the billionaires are going to have to take a bath.

I’m just going to leave it at that, maybe some of our people can enlighten us a little on what is going to have to change here. Because from where I’m standing, billions on planet Earth are in big trouble, while only a few have it damn good.

You can’t have one clown with 100 billion dollars, telling millions more, who are just as sharp, working ten times harder how things are going to be, RIGHT?


5 thoughts on “One Man Worth 100 BILLION – Millions Of Men With Nothing – It’s A Bad Day On Planet Earth

  1. Henry has made it very clear for years that until the Bill of Rights is enforced as the Supreme Law, nothing will get any better. Ever since the united States of the Americas went bankrupt and was taken over the United States of America Incorporated, American Nationals have had their wealth stolen hand over fist for decades, while the Maritime Law Courts ensure that the 1% stay the 1%. None of this is by “chance”, “unfortunate circumstances”, “the wrath of God” nor any other random cause, rather, it’s the endgame of those who have sought our destruction from the beginning.

    1. Thats right. Couldn’t have said it better. Sometimes it’s good to re visit the problem from square one with a simple question, then re visit the obvious, its what we do here, hash out, and let our people vent.

      We here including me know the answers, and as we grow with our new readers its always good to draw a clear picture with questions and answers, simple as that. Not all of us have been here as long as you Sunfire.

      1. Thank you, Mark and Sunfire. I’ll just add that until a society honors and protects its elders it is doomed to destroy itself as it sets up a doom scenario for its own future. Many long-standing cultures have treated their elders with respect and even veneration for their wisdom. Along with The Bill of Rights, this is where we have to return to.


        1. I am appalled by the way seniors in this country are made to pay “school taxes” and other corrupt charges on top of the way they are viewed as “excess population in need of culling”. The billionaires and trillionaires only want themselves and their progeny to have a good and happy life. There is a special place in hell for people like them.

          1. Yes, we are never off the hook.

            Time to insert “the hook” somewhere where it will really make a difference.



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