2 thoughts on “One World Currency Backed by All Life On Earth Has Begun

  1. Circus bark to buy gold, been hearing this song and dance for 30 years, cyrpto is going to be huge, then controlled. Gangsters have the right approach, its just the prison part that gets ya, LMAO.

    Stock market, gold, silver all a con, curpto jury is still out, its growing like crazy, I’d buy crypto before anything else, but thats just me.

    I mean seriously, 1900.00 an ounce now, gold should have been 5000.00 by now, and i want to hold it in my hand…Good fkg luck with that…if somehow you manage to do that, how much did you pay extra?????

    Id rather buy a box of depends…at least then, when i shit my pants, ive got protection.. livin the dream kids goddamnit..

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