Online virtual classes are now requiring immunizations for students to attend

Intellihub – by Lexi Morgan

Online virtual classrooms in the State of Virginia are now requiring students who attend to be immunized against various illnesses despite the fact that the pupils will be taking classes from the comfort of their own home in what can only be considered a blatant push to inject poisonous toxins and metals into to bodies of schoolkids.

The unconstitutional order comes after a high number of parents have refused to take their children to get their standard yearly cocktail dose of vaccines which during a non-COVID school year would allow students to attend school physically.

As rumor has it, parents are concerned about taking their children to get vaccinations due to the current purported COVID-19 outbreak. However, people, in general, may just be waking up to the real dangers of vaccines and may just be to the point where they are outright refusing them altogether.

“I think people feel like if you’re not going to the brick and mortar school then you don’t need to have the immunizations but that’s incorrect,” Fairfax County Health Department worker Shauna Severo told NBC 4 in Washington.

Health officials claim that in Virginia students need to have their shots to attend class whether virtual or not.

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8 thoughts on “Online virtual classes are now requiring immunizations for students to attend

  1. No child left behind.
    Wanna bet?

    Guard your children. Teach them about freedom and The Bill of Rights, to empower them to live free and pursue happiness. Someone has to remind them of that. Might as well be all of us who also want to live free and pursue happiness. HELL is contrived reality needing dismantling.


  2. Well,,, Obama falsified his BC

    We can play at that game too people
    Fake em out , what does it really matter ? Right Hitlery?

    Oh and do try to show them the stupidity of this all.. if you have the patience

    I’ve ran out of gum and patience

    1. Obama, now that I think about it, started this whole butt crusty bullshit going. This piece of Black Lives Matter trash needs a truck draggin…then a hemp swingin…

      This piece of shit lives larger than God for fk sakes…Stick a needle in his eye, then throw Michelle into a all men south African prison, let her keep her panties, and her little blue pills.

      Human trash…. Then Clintons, Soros oh yeah, can’t forget the rest of the Senate, whole lot…

  3. This has been going on for years. Had to get a religious exemption at the age off 50, for the vaccine, when I attended the brainwashing college online. I actually came out dumber than then when I started. I can honestly say, the young students are being dumbed down big time. The degree I got is about as good as used toilet paper and no I did not attend the graduation ceremony, as I was too disgusted.

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