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      1. Hey, Paul! 😀
        Got back late Wednesday night (after several weather delays). Finally back online now. Didn’t connect service at the house in TX and came back to “There is a service outage in your area.” Grrr… Think they’ve got it going, but who knows. Could cut out again, as they’ve got the streets torn up with their conversion to digital.
        Was a tough trip to TX from day 1. The road trip down was an epic adventure. Truly amazing that I got our friend (old friend of Hubby’s who flew up to “help” me with the road trip, I ended up doing all the driving) and I down there alive. Can laugh about it now. Things only got more difficult while down there. Got some stuff done, but not close to what I wanted to do. Made the best of it. Soldiering on.

        1. Weather is only going to get worse Angel, I’m glad you got back when you did, it’s going to get ugly in the next couple weeks, back to back hurricanes, it’s not Texas I’m worried about, it’s all the eastern states between New York and Texas that’s going to get slammed.

          And of course, guess who gets to tip toe through the tulips? I don’t get paid enough for this sht.

          The Carolinas, Virginia you know the drill, nightmare!

          1. Agreed. Glad I’m not making the trip now. The weekend I left was heavy storms MS, LA, and TX. Windshield wiper transmission broke on day 1, in West VA. How I made it through is a story that I can only tell…too much to type. LOL
            TG friend’s nickname at work, in TX, is Mcgyver. We learned something… new coathangers are not made of the same quality wire as the old ones were…the wire snaps and breaks when trying to twist tight. Fortunately, I had 1 old coathanger that I had not switched out. The rest I’ll have to tell you. LOL

            Stay safe, Bro. I feel for you. I pray you don’t have a some one as blind as I was in front of you.
            Sure wish you could avoid that area with the Hurricanes coming in. There’s no detour. Your stuck. Please keep us posted.

        2. Sounds like Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride at Disneyland, Angel (my favorite ‘small’ ride as a youngster, but I wouldn’t go near that ped haven now).

          Glad you made it safe & sound, dear one. 🙂

          1. Well, I was going to comment some more, but I’m high as hell (not unusual), and sometimes that can take me to the ‘just don’t give a f%&k anymore today’ level (reached), so I’m outta here.

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