Only six guns surrendered on first day of Philly gun turn-in program — yet organizers are reportedly pleased

The Blaze – by Dave Urbanski

Only six guns were surrendered on the first day of a Philadelphia “no questions asked” gun turn-in program over the weekend — yet KYW-TV said organizers are pleased with the results. 

What are the details?

Victoria Greene’s son Emir Greene was murdered in 1997 when he was just 20 years old, the station said, so she founded the Emir Healing Center — and a few guns were turned in there Saturday.

“People might say, ‘Oh, that’s not many.’ But no, it is. It is. Because we’re talking about life and death,” Greene told KYW. “This is a new effort, but I think it’s really going to have some momentum.”

Damone Jones, senior pastor of Bible Way Baptist Church, told the station that gun violence has reached “epidemic” proportions.

“We’re at an epidemic stage at this point,” Jones noted to KYW. “If this is not an urgent situation now, based on how many children, now it seems like it’s every week there’s another child being shot.”

Activists told KYW parents must check the bedrooms and bags of young people in their care.

“This is an effort really to appeal to parents, to take on personal responsibility, do these room checks and see if there are guns in their house,” community activist Bilal Qayyum told the station. “And if there is a gun that shouldn’t be in the house, turn it in. We know they’re in the households, so we’ve just got to find them and bring them in and get them off the streets.”

The station said 110 people under the age of 18 have been shot in the city this year — and three children were shot between Wednesday and Friday last week.

The Blaze

5 thoughts on “Only six guns surrendered on first day of Philly gun turn-in program — yet organizers are reportedly pleased

  1. i think its fake , lies or BS ..but than again when isnt it
    and if not, the pictures they showed of the ones they got , sure doesn’t say much for their “turn in program”

  2. Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn about other people’s children when it come down to them or MY unalienable RIGHTS.

    Barkin up the wrong tree seditious biotch!

  3. Any human mthrfkr who demonizes guns is a lying, disingenuous piece of traitorous shit… ok, how’s that for putting it in plain language?

    And yet these same scum bags support Their Corporate blood thirsty government and their candidate to rule them too… they don’t blame cars or any other items that cause death of any kind.

    They claim they want to just save even one life it is worth it…then why focus on guns as a primary target to eliminate death by such a cause?

    There are many other reasons and causes that kill far, far more people than the use of guns…!!!

    Do those deaths not matter? I mean shouldn’t these bleeding heart, caring people prioritize causes of death….?

    Total BS, fk every last one of you, it will never happen….and when you try it, real blood will flow like a river….

    1. And it will be their fault the river of blood will be on their hands

      But they just keep poking the bear

  4. They are pleased because some pussies showed up and turned their guns in (staged or not) and so there are six less guns that could wind up in the hands of people who would most certainly use them to end their tyranny.

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