Ontario announces end of vax passports

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There will be no more vaccination passports in Ontario as of March 1, the provincial government said in a press release Monday morning.

“Given how well Ontario has done in the Omicron wave we are able to fast track our reopening plan,” said Premier Doug Ford.

Higher capacity for social gatherings and indoor venues will begin on Thursday.

“This is great news and a sign of just how far we’ve come together in our fight against the virus,” said Ford.

“While we aren’t out of the woods just yet we are moving in the right direction.”

There are no plans to remove mandatory masking at this time.

“Thanks to the province’s high vaccination rates and the continued sacrifices of Ontarians, we are now in a position where we can move forward in our plan earlier than anticipated,” said Christine Elliott, Deputy Premier and Minister of Health.

The ease of restrictions comes less than a week after saying the government’s “cautious and prudent” approach will not drop measures.

“We have no plans currently to drop the passport vaccination situation or masking,” said Elliott in an announcement on February 9.

Western Standard

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