Ontarios finance minister returns from St. Barts…

Dec 31, 2020
Ontario Finance Minister Rod Phillips arrived at Pearson International Airport Thursday after taking a Caribbean vacation despite public health guidelines advising against travel. Phillips will discuss his controversial trip to St. Barts with Premier Doug Ford later in the day. Phillips says he wants to keep his job but understands that people are angry….

2 thoughts on “Ontarios finance minister returns from St. Barts…

  1. Disappointed…!?! Ha ha fkn ha

    Maggots scum like u, whom think the free people in Canada and the US and globe abound will continue to let you get away with what you are part and party to… are in for a real wake up.

    It’s won’t be disappointing as a crowd of freedom loving people gather around as you and your coconspirators are hanged with a rope, slowly not with a drop..

    This is the sentiment of a free man… DTTNWO and the masters you serve..!

    But hey keep issuing your little authorities mandates though while you are able…

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