Op-Ed Authors Propose Financial Penalties for Refusing the COVID Vaccine

Activist Post – by BN Frank

Vaccine side effects, injuries, deaths have been reported for decades (see 1, 2, 3).  They continue to be reported about the COVID vaccines as well (see 1, 2, 3, 4).  According to one attorney, this will eventually lead to a “tidal wave of lawsuits”.  Nevertheless, some vaccine proponents have recommended that health insurers financially threaten their unvaccinated clients for refusing to take the jab.

From Newser:

Insurers Could Make the Unvaccinated Think Twice

Authors suggest financial penalties instead of only incentives

(Newser) – Reckless drivers pay more for auto insurance. Smokers pay more for some health plans. Treatment for injuries suffered when hang-gliding or participating in other dangerous activities isn’t always covered. Nearly all newly hospitalized COVID-19 patients have decided against being vaccinated (except in this CDC study where 74% of hospitalizations in Massachusetts were fully vaccinated – Ed.), while the bills for their care reach astronomical heights. So in an opinion piece in the New York Times, Elisabeth Rosenthal and Glenn Kramon pose a question: “Why should patients be kept financially unharmed from what is now a preventable hospitalization, thanks to a vaccine that the government paid for and made available for free?”

Like governments, insurers have so far offered incentives rather than penalties to encourage vaccinations. That may not work with those people determined to avoid the shots. One nonprofit’s poll found many won’t agree to be vaccinated unless their employer requires it. But insurers could change the economic dynamics. “If patients thought about the price they might need to pay for their own care,” the authors say, “maybe they would reconsider remaining unprotected.” The NFL, for example, will dock players if there’s a COVID-19 outbreak on their team among unvaccinated players that requires cancellation of a game. That sort of thinking could catch on. “A harsher society,” Rosenthal and Kramer write, “might impose tough penalties on people who refuse vaccinations and contract the virus.” Read the full piece here. (Read more coronavirus vaccine stories.)

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4 thoughts on “Op-Ed Authors Propose Financial Penalties for Refusing the COVID Vaccine

  1. “One nonprofit’s poll found many won’t agree to be vaccinated unless their employer requires it.”

    Gee…why don’t you just tell the elite how to win the war against you.

    So basically the people are telling the elites, “Hey, I will never get the vaccine and will fight to the death, but hey, if the employer requires it, then I’ll surrender.”

    Wow….We got some real intelligent people here in this poll.

    It’s like those dumbass people that will trade in their freedom for a phone.

    Remember this classic video:


    1. “One nonprofit’s poll found many won’t agree to be vaccinated unless their employer requires it.”

      Horse shit. One nonprofit’s poll, huh.
      Well I heard one nonprofit’s poll that said these balless pricks are failing so miserably they don’t know whether to shit or go blind and have begun talking out their ass.
      I think they are beginning to understand that they start f-king with us in any way, we are going to f-k back. They run their mouth about forcing us to take their shot in trying to muscle us, then they turn around and try threatening us with deprivation.
      I think they would love to poke their head into the jungle just to see what is here, but they fear losing their f-king head if they do, which is exactly what is about to happen to them.
      They are like a spoiled child who has finally been told no. Down on the ground, kicking and crying, and shitting all over themselves. Oh what they’d like to do, only they’re three foot tall and the person telling them no is six foot tall and fixing to give them the spanking they have needed all their life. They are too goofy to comprehend the fact that they are poking a f-king hornet’s nest, or at least trying to get someone else to poke it for them.
      There will be no quarter asked and none given. So they can stop with their f-king threat as they are beginning to be boring. They have declared war but now seem to want to back off thinking there has to be some way of getting what they want, which is us dead without accomplishing their own destruction instead. Well it ain’t gonna happen, so I say to them, “Either swing or shut the f-k up, punk.”

  2. when the sheeple realize what the 2nd amendment is for, WE THE PEOPLE will already be at there bunkers sealing off there vent holes and welding there doors shut!

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