Open Your Eyes To See The Digital Deception

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Published on May 2, 2011 by Federaljacktube4

You must see this! Does this make you wonder how much footage from prominent world events is fake? How much fake news are we fed? Dictators, terrorists, riots, revolution beamed into our living rooms as part of on-going psychological warfare against the masses? Is this a conventional war of tanks and guns and bombs in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya or is it really all part of a sustained psychological war on the minds of every single person on the planet?

8 thoughts on “Open Your Eyes To See The Digital Deception

  1. That’s how they do it. And you’ll never hear or see in the media when the 2nd Amendment is used lawfully to protect life and or property! It’s also meant to keep government from getting out of control.

  2. “What is real? How do you define ‘real’? If you’re talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see, then ‘real’ is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain.” ~ Morpheus

  3. James Perloff regarding 9/11, proposes that upon a scientific examination the large “gashes” supposedly left by the planes entering the buildings, that the evidence shows that some sort of rockets could have been used to form these plane sized gashes. When we saw the aluminum planes going into the buildings, it really does look like they encountered “no physical resistance” to anything, let alone the massive vertical steel beams. Perloff proposes that what we actually saw is what is described in this article. With years for the zio media to prepare. Could they have had it ready to go by 9/11? I really don’t think there’s any question that they could have. They appear to have been doing this deceitful stuff for a long time.
    “I was there and I saw the second Plane hit the building, with my own two eyes!”….. Are you sure? Or did the media tell you what you saw, almost immediately, on TV?
    Interesting and credible speculation?

      1. #1: I suppose if they can fake the planes they could fake the damage before the collapse for television. However wouldn’t you need the building damage and smoke for the people within view, to see and photograph before the collapse?

        1. I was referring strictly to the ‘planes’, Bob. The damage was real.

          There’s another very telling aspect that I haven’t reported on here. The last dvd I bought (sent it to Henry, but it was never posted) shows a phenomenon known as a wake vortex. It occurs WITHOUT FAIL every single time a plane passes through any given airspace.

          There is ZERO wake vortex in ANY of the ‘footage’ of 9/11, therefore NO plane could have possibly passed through that airspace.

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