OPERATION GLADIO C: An Act of War in Downtown Nashville

State of the Nation

The purveyors of Cultural Marxism will do anything — ANYTHING — to irreparably tear the fabric of American society.

Was this bomb detonation a ‘Christmas Present’ from the Cultural Marxists?!

Perhaps the most effective way of accomplishing that despicable goal is to destroy the religious and national traditions of the USA.

Who has not seen this occur over the past many decades with the likes of “Black Friday” taking over Thanksgiving … … … as well as the overwhelming commercialization of Christmas replacing the original Christmas spirit?

Ground Zero: Nashville

It’s clear that the Gladio perpetrators of this bombing of downtown Nashville committed a deliberate act of terrorism.

That’s how the Cultural Marxists always operate when they are really desperate to undermine civil society and instill fear among the general populace.

Nashville, Tennessee was purposefully chosen as the site for this terrorist attack on the American people for specific reasons.

Sometimes known as the “Buckle of the Bible Belt”, Nashville is a city alive with religious fervor and spiritual pursuit.  That enthusiasm is primarily expressed through music and song.

Who is not aware of all the great Christian music that has been produced in “Music City” as Nashville is also well-known as?

With this repugnant bombing of the downtown area, the perpetrators deliberately struck the heart of the Music Industry, and especially the religious-oriented center of the nation’s music-making capital.

That this was an intentional act carried out to inflict maximum destruction in the targeted Nashville area is beyond any doubt according to police reports.

Officers with the Metro Nashville Police Department were responding to a call of shots fired Friday morning when they came upon an RV, according to police spokesman Don Aaron. Police saw no immediate evidence of shots fired, Aaron said in a news conference, but something about the RV prompted the officers to request the department’s hazardous devices unit.[1]

KEY POINT: Not only have the draconian state-by-state Covid regimes drastically affected religious communities across the country throughout 2019 making if financially difficult for many churches to keep their doors open, there has been a spate of church bombing and burnings via Gladio black ops that justifiably frighten the faithful.  This Christmas morning bombing is just the latest psyop designed to tamp down weekly religious practice in America.


SOTN has already seen the dramatic effects that this very sad news has had on folks everywhere who are in the midst of celebrating a Merry Christmas.

Did the Cultural Marxists just bomb Nashville to wreck everyone’s Christmas?

The Cultural Marxists, then, to some extent have achieved their aims of disrupting what is usually a very beautiful family holiday celebration that is known for peace and joy.

Not only that, but they intentionally executed what is a classic Operation Gladio C psyop on Christmas morning in order to generate the maximum effect—fear, anxiety, apprehension, trepidation, etc.

At the end of the day, the agents of Cultural Marxism seek to sow seeds of fear whenever and whenever they can.  For their Ordo ab Chao strategy will always create the circumstances from which they can more easily alter society for the worse.

Their goal is, first and foremost, the destruction of anything religious and/or spiritual.  They want all of US worshiping the state, not GOD!

However, no one needs to pay heed to their utterly senseless acts of violence any longer.  For the light of truth has been shined into their darkness, and it has revealed their true intent.

Since no one was killed thus far, and only a few were moderately injured, we can all be thankful for the minimal effects on precious human life.


[1] Explosion in Nashville that damaged dozens of buildings is believed to be an intentional act

State of the Nation

9 thoughts on “OPERATION GLADIO C: An Act of War in Downtown Nashville

  1. “…They want all of US worshiping the state, not GOD!”

    Considering SOTN is so Trump-tard at times, this statement has an air of hypocrisy about it.

  2. Sooo, it was an attack on the “American Jesus” and those who believe or can appreciate His words?

    At least they got that part correct and the broken clock was right 2x today.

    cz’s ARE the state and its minions. Onward, ….tian soldiers, marching as to war..never mind the joo pointing you towards ANY enemy other than the joo.

    Just pay no mind to the joo with insurmountable evidence proving it’s the REAL enemy. Or you’re “antisemitic”.

  3. What frenzy across the country over the pittance crumbs to be dolled out to the peons peasants and coulees while trillions are being handed out to foreign countries and special interest lobbyists? Definite distraction.

    1. It has been relaxing with good food.
      They can do anything with this scenario that they want, like label it a retaliatory strike by Iran for their scientist and generals assassinated by the CIA and the Mossad. I’m sure it will serve a purpose and not something nice that is being done for the good of mankind.
      Hope you and your family are having a good Christmas.

  4. The location of this blast has absolutely nothing to do with religion. Although I’m a believer in God, even I know the author’s excuse is ridiculous.

    So is this gonna be the new thing for 2021? Isolated bombings?

    In 2019, it was mass shooting propaganda. In 2020 it was COVID propaganda. So is 2021 going to be lone wolf bombing propaganda? Is Big Brother going to teach us what to do in the event of a bomb threat now?

    I guess mass shootings are a thing of the past. Isolated bombings are in.

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