My Opinion….What I Learned from 9/11

What is happening in Texas and surrounding areas is tragic. The fires out west are devastating not only to the people that live there but also to plant and wildlife. Make no mistake war has been declared on us and we are under attack. These attacks are planned and carried out by man not by random natural events.

When we were attacked on 9/11 what did many of us do in our desperation to help? I donated to the American Red Cross as many of my family and friends did. Do you recall the aftermath, the battle to get those donations to those directly affected by that attack? I do. I decided then I would never ever donate to not only the Red Cross but any of the large organizations asking for donations on behalf of the people affected by such attacks. 

With what is occurring now we are going to see big name music and movie ‘stars’ come out and pledge their donations to get us to send money as well. Do not be fooled by their scam. Their talk is cheap. I seriously doubt they will send one penny. Remember most of them are Satanists so it would be counter to their ‘religion’ to express empathy and love for those that are suffering.

It is up to us, the good caring loving people of this country to organize drives locally, obtain a truck and get needed supplies to our fellow countrymen. This is what churches did back in the day when I was young. We took care of our neighbors in need.

Love to all, Mary

22 thoughts on “My Opinion….What I Learned from 9/11

  1. Here, here, Mary. One of my yoga students told me that the Red Cross charged her for donuts when she was in Viet Nam.

    1. She would have to prove it to me. I don’t trust any of those whores in Hollywood….holly wood…used to make magic wands…hmmm…

  2. ps: Thanks, Mary. It is especially hard to sort through this when they tug at our heartstrings. I appreciate you layin’ it out there. I read that some charity orgs, especially those for Cancer, keep up to 95% of donation funds for “administration costs.” Guess they’re really bad at administering.


    1. American Cancer Society, Susan G. Komen, American Heart Association, March of Dimes etc. they all do research… just not what you would think

  3. Totally, Mary, totally. Especially the Red Cross. In 1987, an extremely rare tornado near my neck of the woods hit a small town mostly inhabited by Hispanics (many were born from illegals, but anyway), and most of the housing was makeshift, and a few solid buildings–Saragosa, about 30 miles south of Pecos. We heard about it about 5 am when my husband for some reason turned on the radio to hear Paul Harvey announce, “The tornado that put Saragosa, Texas, on the map, wiped it off the map.” Just about every home in that town of 400 or so was destroyed. So my mother-in-law, an LVN and medic, went on the scene to help, and then the Red Cross shows up and winds up charging victims–who of course are poor–for water, blankets, etc.which they had just lost everything and had no money! And then the Red Cross charges for shelter! When they had just lost their homes! And then there is Haiti… so folks need to NOT donate to Red Cross!

    At least one celeb I know of really is helping the folks in Houston–Houston Texans star defensive end-linebacker JJ Watt. He has raised about ten mil and I am sure some of that is from him personally. Sandra Bullock can kiss my you-know-what!

    And as for Joel Crap-steen, he is now charging those who take refuge in his megachurch $50! or more! To paraphrase an old time commercial, “It’s not nice to fool Father God!”

  4. What I learned from 911.

    I learned I had to turn the t.v. off in Vegas.

    And get my azz to work for these fkng jews and masons.

    1. Yep..
      I was thinking that the other day.

      When I think of JD..

      I think of that scene in lethal weapon.

      Where Joe Pescia is screaming. them at the burger drive thru in the back seat.

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