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Oprah quote from 28 yrs ago

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22 Responses to Oprah quote from 28 yrs ago

  1. Enemy of the State says:

    wow , and back when she could fit into normal clothes ..not those things she buys now, from Fox Tent and Awning

    these hypocrites are part of the bigger problem in this country, and when they get into some office or position that makes them believe they are better than everyone else ,, thats when shit really goes to hell in a hand basket

    aint nothin but a loud mouthed idiot ..and thats usually who we have in this country feeling entitled to everything that everyone else did, while they did nothing for anyone else but themselves

  2. Bob in Wisconsin says:

    Apparently Oprah knew the truth at one time. She has obviously adopted some real nasty habits to get where she is today. I wonder what those habits are, and where she got them?…..Or has she has already answered that question?

  3. Ex-Moron says:

    An interesting and pertinent reference to “in group behavior” If there were ever a group that had certain distinct behaviors, well, you get the point. Some behaviors can get pretty old, worn out and negative.

    She has some valid observations about other groups. I find it pretty hard to appreciate Opy, but it has nothing to do with her group, either. It has to do with her own behavior.

    Just one piece of advice, to Opy…. stop overeating yourself to death, because you are setting a bad example for your group! If you cant even control your own body, you may not dream of controlling this country. I’m sorry to have to say this, but (you started this) we need more than a fat, African woman to guide us out of this mess. Just like we needed more than a blankety, blankety, Barry the communist.

  4. NC says:

    I didn’t realize Oprah was ever that skinny.

    • mary in ND says:

      I remember a show where she brought out a wagon of fat to illustrate the amount of weight she lost

        • Ex-Moron says:

          If anyone needs help losing weight…..its really simple.

          Unless we were consistently or very active (which few of us are) We need no more than 2 small meals a day, (which is called intermittent fasting) supplements, and no carbs (starches or sugars). Proteins for the first meal, no snacking. Thats it basically, but there is much more from Dr Eric Berg who is online.

          You wont get hungry. You need to keep doing it depending on how many carbs you take in after you lose weight. Just keep general track of what you do on a spreadsheet calendar. No calorie counting necessary.

          If I can lose (lots of) weight like this, then even Opy can, without starving!

          • Henry Shivley says:

            I embrace the poor man’s weight loss solution… I work my ass off.

          • Mark Schumacher in LV says:

            I embrace the Mark method, run like hell from the cops, but don’t do it a after a 15 course buffet.

            I work my ass off sitting down, and sticking my middle finger out the window.

          • Henry Shivley says:

            Now, Mark, we’ve talked about this. One mile a day, minimum. 🙂

        • mary in ND says:

          Mark, I’ll bet that is one buffed middle finger!

    • Darzak says:

      I had the same thought.

  5. flee says:

    I’m on the off the grid hillbilly diet.

    It’s mainly meat …starch…

    And daily supplements combined with a strict regiment of hard work…and…

    Drugs and Alcohol.

  6. Jolly Roger says:

    Obviously, the Jews have brought Oprah into line since then.

    She knows where her bread is buttered, and she’d never say anything like that today.

  7. flee says:

    Okay… I’ve had it.

    Leave this poor woman alone for Christ’s sake.

    Just because she’s an evillle kunt spawning the seeds of Satan.

    Doesn’t mean you can treat him.. I mean her this way.

    Oh.. I almost forgot..

    And fk elves.

  8. Crazy Harry says:

    The return of “Oprah Bluto” a fierce and diabolical force from another world and time, here to start shit and pickup where Obammy left off. Wants to be president see the movie and the side shows. Be scared be afraid be amazed and beaware, get your tickets now.

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