7 thoughts on “OPUS 99 Military in Charge RAW

  1. I am flabbergasted and at a loss for words right now …….General Abizaid is one of the generals Field McConnell alleges was involved in the assassination of Pat Tillman

  2. peiczenik is a NWO deep-state pos. My opinion, he’s a Sayanim, used to be a regular on Alex Jones. The Generals are going to uphold the Constitution? When pigs fly!! Where was the Military when Rumsfeld announced 2 TRILLION missing from the Pentagam?? Anybody remember good ol Rabbi Dove Zachiem, comptroller at the time? Now the Pentagram flunked its first audit and ignored trumps order to protect the border, TWICE!!
    They know theres a showdown a comin, so keep your powder dry!

  3. What a load of B.S., I’ve heard the name house before—-Edward M. House – Wikipedia

    Edward Mandell House (July 26, 1858 ÔÇô March 28, 1938) was an American diplomat, politician, and an adviser to President Woodrow Wilson.He was known by the nickname Colonel House, although he had performed no military service.He was a highly influential back-stage politician in Texas before becoming a key supporter of the presidential bid of Wilson in 1912.

    Of course we all know what a traitor Wilson was, and it looks like House was his handler!

  4. I feel like I was listening to Satan himself here. Martial Law dangling in my face. Stevie-Boy in service to the state, beefin’ up The State!! Can’t camouflage his CIA background. Loves Kissinger. Forgets about all the wrong decisions made by military over the last century, decisions to give or follow orders that kill innocent people, that ruin ancient civilizations, that steal life and dish out torture. Yeah, that’s who I want in my leadership: ruthless killers and sadistic dominators. Steve can stick it where the sun don’t shine, and he can shove Mattis up there, too. The kill machine has no place in a free Republic. Self defense is built on integrity, not greed and dominance.

    This one turned my stomach. Yuck!!


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