Order Authorizes Natl Guard, Quarantines, Involuntary Commitment for ‘Certain Healthcare’ Operations

Todd Starnes

There is growing concern among Tennesseans after Gov. Bill Lee quietly issued an Executive Order on Friday giving the state permission to call up the National Guard and State Guard “in connection with certain health care and emergency services operations.”

Tennessee Stands, an influential statewide conservative coalition, said they found some of the governor’s orders “exceptionally concerning.”

One section of Executive Order 83 would permit the construction of “temporary quarantine and isolation facilities.”

“Telephone assessments for involuntary commitment cases are permitted,” the executive order also states.

Tennesseans took to social media to express their grave concerns about the governor’s response to the China Virus.

“Wow! The guard will be utilized? Involuntary commitment? And construction of quarantine and isolation facilities? Thought all of that was just a silly conspiracy theory,” one concerned citizen noted.

Click here to read the full Executive Order.

“The pieces add up to a very scary picture !! People need to wake up,” one concerned citizen wrote. “I would like to know the specific scenarios and situations that would need to take place in order for these actions to be implemented. They are too open ended and vague which leads to open door interpretation and neglected use which would not work in our best interests. We need to demand specificity.”

Todd Starnes


11 thoughts on “Order Authorizes Natl Guard, Quarantines, Involuntary Commitment for ‘Certain Healthcare’ Operations

    1. The shot is not a vaccine it’s biological warfare

      There isn’t any variants
      ( even if there are variants of this flu , variants are weaker versions of the original virus , not stronger )
      It’s just the flu , and a lot of hype

      If the government and it’s paid and owned media say something enough , to enough people before you know it everyone is repeating the same line , that’s where sheepledom enters the chat
      Even if none of it makes real sense

  1. ‘Tennesseans took to social media ‘ , “The pieces add up to a very scary picture……We need to demand specificity.” ………seriously?

  2. How wonderful it is to know we have available to us: “Behavioral health inpatient psychiatric residential, and crisis care staffing.” Don’t you feel relieved? I wonder if Charles Manson will be on that staff.


    1. If re-re levine can be in charge of health and “sound” medical advice, I think anyone is overqualified. Bring on Dr. Chuck!

  3. Dissent will be deemed mental illness. Especially regarding the “great dillusion” of cv-1984 and the nanotech bioweapon thats supposed to treat it.

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