Oregon Bakery Owner Pulls Out A Baseball Bat To Maskless Customers And Receive Instant Justice – The Police Arrest The Customers

Defiant America – by Mack Cogburn

Mandatory mask laws and rules have become a polarizing issue during the COVID-19 pandemic. Proponents argue that masks are necessary to stop the virus. But critics have cited human rights concerns as well as evidence showing that masks are ineffective in stopping the spread of COVID-19.

Two Portland-area residents were arrested on Wednesday after they were attacked by the owner of a downtown Eugene store and captured the incident on camera. 

Ricki Collin, 34, and Amy Hall, 45, are facing third-degree assault charges, a felony, after the incident at Crumb Together on Oak Street.

It all started when the two reportedly walked in without masks and refused to leave and ended with the owner going to the hospital for treatment for her cuts and bruises.

But the video that they have reveals that they were the ones that got attacked first as the store owner pulled out a baseball bat and tried to force them out!

They said that not one media contacted them after writing articles that re not real!

The local media described them as constant trespassers and said that they attacked the woman which is not true!

Either way, vigilantes and over-policing have been well documented over the past few months when it comes to mandatory mask enforcement. The majority of the targeted individuals had medical exemptions or were following the law. The few who were legally wrong were often the victims of police and citizen brutality.

Nonetheless, these people did not deserve to be victims of violence due to their health, a misunderstanding of the law, or the exercise of reasonable civil disobedience regarding unjust laws.

Defiant America

6 thoughts on “Oregon Bakery Owner Pulls Out A Baseball Bat To Maskless Customers And Receive Instant Justice – The Police Arrest The Customers

  1. I can’t see straight on this one. I looked up the code he mentions. But is it true that businesses do have the right, as the woman states, “to refuse service to anyone?” I’m askin’ ’cause I’m trying to learn here. And ain’t there a way to go about this, about facin’ up to tyranny, without it having to turn into something counterproductive? Does anyone else think this went down right? I didn’t see it as a noble effort to defend our rights. I saw it as a battle of egos. And that guy, standin’ there filming it while his female friend is in a mean and vicious fight? He wouldn’t recognize heroism if it bit him in the butt. Why does he care about rights? Is it so he can continue to be a coward? If you ask me, all three are nuts. And oh yeah, the cops too. Nuts is the word of the day.


  2. Your right Galen! We are not here to show off! THIS IS NOW ABOUT SURVIVNG!!! AND MAKING THE MOST OUT OF IT!!!! THanks Sister.

  3. When we can begin to restore..!. American Nationals will restore what has been stolen….!! GUARANTEED, ITS IN OUR BILL OF RIGHTS!!!!!

  4. So they can refuse service so long as it is not done for discriminating reasons. It could be argued they where discriminated due to having a medical exemption for mask and face coverings.

    The shop owner should have called the police and had them tresspassed when they refused to leave.

    Obviously these people went there with the intent of starting a problem. Not much can be defended there.

    Support a business that wants your business. I don’t shop at the yarmulke barn while yelling kike as loud as I can.

    Imo everyone involved is a douche bag.

    Now as for the cops response… These people should have started a fight with them. The criminal enforcers. That would have been a better video.

  5. Where I come from you don’t pull this sh*t on Americans under the Bill of Rights and The common Law by WE THE AMERICANS is the only way!!! Six feet under if your not angry!! TWO BARRELS SAYS WE WIN!!!!!!!

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