11 thoughts on “Oregon Fires Aug. 8, 2020

  1. I was going to ask if that was roseburg.
    I’m in sweet home area and I’m at the North edge of level two. McKenzie Fire is jumping the hill to my south on the calapooia river. It was midnight from Albany to Keizer today. With a red/maroon ring on the far horizons.

    Good video.
    Have to say hi sometime. I’m in or through roseburg just about every week. Wilber exit. And myrtle creek for Tommy’s Elk burgers.

    Stay safe. I’m already loaded out and ready to boogy because I’m always ready to boog anyways.

    1. yes my studio is in roseburg .. the south end of town on old 99 .. had to help evac my brother and wife last night from out in Glide .. so far the winds are calm here .. but that can change on a dime. This shit is just a little too reminiscent to 2017 .. where the hole state was on fire all summer then we had the dew fire in cali .. makes you wonder what’s next.

  2. Deliberate burning of the West. I have been prepping for winter here in ND for months as I suspect this winter will be hellacious … manipulated blizzards, colder than ‘normal’ and probably power outages. Some here switched their homes to all electric, yikes!

    1. Its freakin snowed like 6″ in Wyoming !!

      right after a 95°F day…

      I am seeing signs that a possible Hard winter for the NE ,
      I’ve been getting easy winters for the past few years , Im ready for a doozy
      packin the veggies away after harvest and got a new tractor (20 YO Deere) for the snow ..bring it!!

    2. All electric, eh? Mary, you can’t fix stupid! And if we run outta propane, we have our wood heating stove….thanks to drought, we have dead trees everywhere….

    1. yeah isn’t that something .. we had rain here all of the way thru the end of June .. and actually for the most part a mild summer here in Or. yet the whole state is on fire .. go figure!!!

  3. As Antifa-BLM attack the cities paid for by Soros and Co., seems like they’re using DEW or something to attack rural America, starting at the west coast end. My prediction? Far west Texas, where spring means wildfires, not “showers and flowers,” in the “Constitution free-zone,” is next, or by 2030 the latest. Fires, plus drought in growing season and huge freezes in winter to “convince” us rugged rurals to “move” into smart city stack ‘n packs. Only problem for them–we out here know how to fight wildfires and local and even state fire services help if it’s a biggie. But one never knows with DEWs.

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