Oregon flooding leads to dozens of rescues, body of woman ‘swept away by rushing water’ discovered

Fox News

Floodwaters in Oregon are receding on Monday after relentless rain and melting snow led to dozens of rescues over the weekend from weather that killed one woman who was swept away in raging waters.

Multiple rivers in rural northeast Oregon were pushed over their banks Thursday after heavy snowfall in the mountains was combined with two days of steady rain and warming temperatures, sending floodwaters into the city of Pendleton and other rural communities.

The Umatilla County Sheriff’s Office said Sunday that searchers and neighbors found the body of a woman who was reported missing a day earlier. Janet Tobkin Conley, 62, lived in one of the areas hit by the floods and appeared to have been “swept away by rushing water,” according to the sheriff’s office.

“Our sympathies go out to the family and friends of Ms. Conley in this difficult time,” Umatilla County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Dwight Johnson said in a statement.

Read the rest and see the pics here: https://www.foxnews.com/us/oregon-flooding-rescues-umatilla-wallowa-national-guard-evacuation-body-discovered

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