Oregon Gov Threatens She Won’t Lift Oppressive Lockdown Until 70% of Residents Are Vaxxed

Information Liberation – by Chris Menahan

Oregon Governor Kate Brown (D) announced Tuesday that she will not allow Oregonians to get all their freedoms back until 70 percent of the state has taken Big Pharma’s experimental mRNA therapy “vaccines.”

From The Oregonian, “Gov. Kate Brown outlines path to reopening: When 70% of Oregon gets partially vaccinated, she’ll lift most COVID-19 restrictions”

Gov. Kate Brown on Tuesday laid out a specific roadmap for fully reopening Oregon’s economy and making a big step toward normalcy: When 70% of the state’s residents 16 and older have received at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine, she’ll eliminate most statewide restrictions meant to hamper the spread of the disease.

That includes the lifting of capacity limits on restaurants, bars, stores, gyms, sporting venues, movie theaters and limitations on the number of people who can gather indoors or out for events such as road races and festivals. No counties will remain under the current “risk level” tiers based on their rates of infections.

The statewide mask mandates on indoor public spaces and physical distancing requirements could, however, remain for some time. The governor said she’d continue to follow recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in determining when to lift mask rules.

“Let’s get this done, let’s get our economy fully reopened and enjoy our summer,” Brown said during a news conference Tuesday, expressing her hope that the 70% target will motivate more Oregonians to get vaccinated.

The Oregonian reported that statewide “about 57% of Oregonians 16 and older are at least partially vaccinated.”

Information Liberation

4 thoughts on “Oregon Gov Threatens She Won’t Lift Oppressive Lockdown Until 70% of Residents Are Vaxxed

  1. A L L O W!!! .. there’s 2 choices here… shoot her in the face.. or 4million Oregonians need to join Antifa or BLM. because obviously nothing affects their freedoms and liberties!!

  2. Based only on observations of her irrational and erratic behavior, I think she could be be suffering an intracranial Copper, Bronze or Pb deficiency. There is a pill for that. It travels at ~3000 fps.

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